Michael Stocker

Listening to the Ocean

Dissolving the hubris of humans into nutrient for participatory animism….To dispel bad ideas disguised  as “energy transition,” Caroline welcomes, long-time-ally, marine acoustician, Michael Stocker…(who is as though the Ocean adopted a human guise to be its voice…) What is the  Ocean saying say to us now?! Michael has served as the … [Read more...]

Micro-dosing Vastness

Caroline Welcomes Michael Stocker, Marine bio-acoustician, writer, musician,  that we may invoke an Oceanic response to dissolve human hubris, in the salve of sanity…. To protect the Ocean - let’s become more like the Ocean…. and weave dedication for collective well-being into…all of our thoughts, words, deeds... an acoustician by … [Read more...]

Allying with Ocean

Caroline welcomes the return of Michael Stocker, emissary from the Ocean World to human culture, alerting us to the danger of currently ill-designed off-shore wind farms, having not-yet-considered the harm to Whales etc… Venus design Council… Biomimicry… Let’s become like the Ocean to protect the Ocean… Ocean scientist, Marine acoustician, jazz … [Read more...]

Listening to the Ocean Chorus

Let’s make America more curious, cultured & mannered, (again?) guidelines from Bio-mimicry... with long-time ally, Michael Stocker - scientist, Marine acoustician, jazz musician dedicated to all true chorusing on this planet (and probably Mars too) ...with dawn chorus, Frogs, Ferlinghetti, Belugas chiming in. Michael Stocker has written and … [Read more...]

New Moon, Honoring the Arctic Seal (and All Life)

Caroline welcomes the return of Marine Acoustician, Michael Stocker (Scientist, Jazz Musician), with a bevy of wondrous Ocean recordings to guide us into intimacy with that which we must protect from the on-going war on life. The present dangers and ways we can participate in protecting the Ocean. Honoring the Arctic Ringed Seal and their small … [Read more...]