Michael Stocker

Dedicating to Water…

Caroline hosts organizers of Bless the Lake, World Water Day, March 22nd, Armando Davila, Amelia Karris www.unifyoakland.com and great ally/Ambassador of water, Michael Stocker www.ocr.org that we may replace human dis-respect with informed reverence dedicated honoring - in perpetuity... Visionary Activist Show - 03-12-2015 … [Read more...]

While Caroline is visiting the Whales in Baja…

While Caroline is visiting the Whales in Baja - This is a replay of last week's show with Michael Stocker where she talks about her intentions for this healing journey and about her talks next week in San Rafael and Berkeley upon her return from Mexico. Listen Here … [Read more...]

Return of Big Momma

As Jupiter stations in the Moon's sign, we gather to conjure, animate, magnetize, and spiral forth the guiding Mythos of Conscious Kinship with the Ocean and all her children: Caroline welcomes Michael Stocker, marine acoustician, guardian of, voice for, the Ocean to talk about whales, sounds, and civilization. (We are on our way to San Ignacio … [Read more...]

Virgen de Guadalupe Radio

Caroline hosts Michael Stocker, genius ally of all life, acoustician, defender of the Ocean, author of "Hear Where We Are" that we may restore intimacy to the world. www.HearWhereWeAre.com The Visionary Activist - December 12, 2013 … [Read more...]

Protecting the Seas, Setting the agenda,

with long-tima ally Marine acoustician Michael Stocker. www.OCR.org   Listen … [Read more...]