All Souls: Back-channels Opening

  All Souls - back-channels opening - for us all, to call in that which is more powerfully wise than our rogue species… Three Librans convening with Day of the Dead, All Souls, True Halloween - “A Libra is just an Aries that’s been to charm school!” (Jay Jacobs) Caroline hosts fellow politically engaged astrologer, Rachel Lang, … [Read more...]

As Above, So Below

  Underworld Arraignment Accountability Special! Barbie as Inanna (great essay by Meg Ellison), True Lammas, US Pluto return, & The Yes Men continue their liberating High Jinx Caroline welcomes return of fellow Libran Dragon, astro*mytho*politico Rachel Lang, author of Modern Day Magic and the new children's book As Above, So … [Read more...]

Weaving Magic into Politics

  Waxing Full Moon Mid-Winter Weaving Magic into Politics Caroline delighted to host astro-politico colleague, Rachel Lang, recently elected to Ojai City Council, reporting in form LA at the League of California Cities New Mayors and Council Members Academy, as the waxing Moon be 12+ Cancer Rachel Lang, author of Modern Day Magic: 8 … [Read more...]