The Only News to Trust is the Mythic News


Each week in innumerable venues, Caroline animates the astro*mytho*politico guiding meta-narrative.
How we can perceive the mythic themes at work in what passes for “news,” that we may be ever more effective players on the Team of Creation, and skookum for the Wild Ride of now.

On Monday nights Caroline convenes Trickster Training Council, an on-going gathering, into which all are welcome to jump for a season.

and of course, customized divination, astrological readings with Caroline.

Next Upcoming Events

  • New Living Expo: Gonna Take Magic!

    San Mateo CA

    New Living Expo

    April 26-28 2019

    San Mateo Event Center
    1346 Saratoga Drive
    San Mateo, California


    At which time Caroline will be presenting:

    Gonna take Magic:
    Trickster’s Guide to Pragmatic Mysticism,
    Applied Divination & Democratic Animism,
    the astro*mytho*politico story strategy for now

    It’s wheel and deal time with all beings. Bartering back-stage for onstage miracles.
    Let all that we love be our accomplices in a spiral of protective Reciprocal Blessing.
    Science says 12 years (to redress complicitous climate crisis). Astrology says 7 years…This precious urgent now of Uranus, (Nature’s evolutionary genius, aka liberating “Trickster”) journeying through Taurus until 2026.Taurus is the sensual animistic realm of participatory kinship, magnetizing humans to rejoin the choreography of creation.
    Co-Operators are standing by!


    Tickets and More Information on

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  • May 2019 ~ 8-Days in Turkey ~ Dance with Banafsheh 

    May 2019 ~ 8-Days in Turkey ~ Dance with Banafsheh 


    I am co-cahooting once again with Fantabulous Sufic Dance ally, Banafsheh,
    contributing the astro*mythic guiding meta-story to 8 days of dancing in Turkey 


    Q&A Call with Caroline W. Casey and Banafsheh Sayyad: Details on the Ground and in the Sky from now until the full moon in Taurus/Scorpio, May 18 and 19, 2019 


    Banafsheh · Dance of Oneness®: Awaken Radiant Beauty

    Women’s Retreat in Yalova, Turkey

    May 17, 2019 – May 24, 2019 · $1950 + airfare 

    ( * Mention Coyote Network News / Caroline Casey in registration * ) 

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  • NCGR 2019 ~ Liberating Ritual Magic

    Baltimore Maryland

    NCGR Conference 2019
    All Roads Lead to Baltimore
    August 30th, 2019 – September 3rd, 2019


    Caroline will be presenting 

    Liberating Ritual Magic, Pragmatic Mysticism, Applied Divination

    Mercury, Sun, Mars, Venus in Virgo trining Uranus in Taurus=Biomimicry:that humans may humbly cooperate with Nature’s guiding Genius (aka “Trickster)=Democratic Animism= to tease what we know into pertinence to protect as much life as possible. We shall be cultivating metaphoric agility whereby to Conjure Calliope out of the Cauldron of Calamity.

    Sunday 4:15pm – 5:30pm



    Learn More

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The Visionary Activist Radio Show

Caroline’s Visionary Activist Radio Show is a constantly evolving experiment in Radio Magic. Her show provides the Mythological News, the Themes of Now, and has as guests anyone with a piece of the puzzle for Dreaming, Conjuring and Implementing a more lovingly ingenious world.

Listen to the most recent broadcast:

Date Posted: March 21, 2019

Magnetizing Myth into Matter radio

Audio Recordings of Past Events

  • Imbolc ° Trickster Training Council

    Imbolc ° Trickster Training Council 

    This evening’s Trickster Training was a special council with brilliant al-kemi maven Micah Nilsson to celebrate Imbolc / True Candlemas

    at Mid-Winter, when all the exiled deities of liberating collaboration with Nature light their candles, and begin ascending up from the Underworld – and we with them…

    Micah Nilsson proffered her deep knowledge of Brigid, Healing Herbs and emerging from Underworld… Dandelions held on high!


    $13 / 90m Recording of Council & Chart + Themes 

    Access now!

    After payment you will be sent to Trickster Training to create a log in and access the recording, see more information at the bottom of this page.


  • Winter Solstice 2018

    Purchase the Talk $13

    After payment you will be sent to Trickster Training to access the recording, see more information at the bottom of this page.

    Trickster Tidings of Comfort and Joy

    a celebration of the Winter Solstice

    with astro*mytho*story*maven

    Caroline Casey


    and Tina Eck and Keith Carr of “Lilt”

    proffering Irish music,

    deep beauty and jaunty pluck….


    Performed Live Saturday, December 22nd

    5 pm Twilight (just after sunset,

    the magic between world time in faery tales…)


    at Institute for Spiritual Development, Washington, DC