The Only News to Trust is the Mythic News


Each week in innumerable venues, Caroline animates the astro*mytho*politico guiding meta-narrative.
How we can perceive the mythic themes at work in what passes for “news,” that we may be ever more effective players on the Team of Creation, and skookum for the Wild Ride of now.

On Monday nights Caroline convenes Trickster Training Council, an on-going gathering, into which all are welcome to jump for a season.

and of course, customized divination, astrological readings with Caroline.

Next Upcoming Events

  • ISAR 2020 Virtual Conjunction

    ISAR 2020 Virtual Conjunction

    ISAR Two Day Virtual Conjunction 


    The International Society for Astrological Research has re-imagined it’s 2020 Council to be a mini-virtual-cahoot this September and re-scheduled the full council for Summer of 2021.

    On Sunday, September 12th, Caroline will be co-weaving astro*mytho*politico themes with Astrologers Lynn Bell, Lee Lehman, PhD., and Christeen Skinner, to deliberate and co-wonder about the upcoming election.“The USA 2020 Presidential Election: An Astrological Perspective” will be hosted by Raymond Merriman, ISAR Conference Director.

    Sunday Ticket: $55

    Two-Day Virtual Ticket: $95

    Click here for full event details

The Visionary Activist Radio Show

Caroline’s Visionary Activist Radio Show is a constantly evolving experiment in Radio Magic. Her show provides the Mythological News, the Themes of Now, and has as guests anyone with a piece of the puzzle for Dreaming, Conjuring and Implementing a more lovingly ingenious world.

Listen to the most recent broadcast:

Date Posted: July 30, 2020

Good Trouble is Our Business

Audio Recordings of Past Events

  • Mother of All Mothers Summer Solstice Solace

    Caroline Casey & Deborah Felmeth

    calling all spirited trickster allies to cahoot with us in honoring this

    Mother of All Mothers
    Summer Solstice Solace


    Astro*Mytho Virtual Recording

    recorded live June 20th, 2020


    Yes, I want to hum in accord with this historic time!

    $13 Replay


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  • Mid-Winter Trickster Council with guest Micah Nilsson

    Access the Council Replay/Download $23

    Payment portal through PayPal, with guest checkout debit/credit card option.

    After payment, please log in with/set up your Trickster Training account.
    (Additional instructions below.)


    When Persephone lights her candle
    & we with her, to begin our ascent.

    Partnering with all allies
    in reciprocal blessing –
    the great plant allies Micah invokes.

    Uranus – Trickster be in the Taurean realms
    of democratic animism,
    partnering with all we love,
    for another crucial 6 years
    of opportune cahooting.

    Slowing down to quicken

    All our skills- dreaming in mid-Winter.

    Once you have completed your purchase and Trickster Training account,
    you may access the Council here.