Micro-dosing Vastness

Michael Stocker (center) with OCR team in Alaska

Caroline Welcomes Michael Stocker,

Marine bio-acoustician, writer, musician, 

that we may invoke an Oceanic response to
dissolve human hubris, in the salve of sanity….
To protect the Ocean – let’s become more like the Ocean….
and weave dedication for collective well-being into…all of our thoughts, words, deeds… an acoustician by trade, and a musician by avocation. He has written and spoken about ocean bio-acoustics since 1992, presenting in regional, national and international hearings, television, radio, news publications, and in museums, schools and universities. His understanding of both physics and biology has proven invaluable in court testimony and legal briefs, defending the environment against the dangers of human generated noise in the sea.

He is the founding director of Ocean Conservation Research (www.OCR.org ), a science and policy development NGO focused on the impacts of human generated noise on marine habitat. Over the past decade he has written a series of short newsletters on the field of marine bioacoustics, and environmental policy. Some 600 of these pieces can be found at www.Ocean-Noise.com.

His book Hear Where We Are: Sound, ecology, and sense of place examines the phenomenology history, and natural history of sound perception of humans and other animals.


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“Micro-dosing Vastness”

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