Listening to the Ocean

Michael Stocker (credit: Peter Joseph)

Dissolving the hubris of humans into nutrient for participatory animism….To dispel bad ideas disguised  as “energy transition,”

Caroline welcomes,

long-time-ally, marine acoustician, Michael Stocker…(who is as though the Ocean adopted a human guise to be its voice…)

What is the  Ocean saying say to us now?!

Michael has served as the electronic and musical engineer on the benchmark film “Koyaanisqatsi,” and as a project development engineer for Pax Scientific, working in applied physics and acoustics – exploring how the principles of bio-mimicry can be used in fluid and air movement systems.

As founding director of Ocean Conservation Research he is using his fluency in bio-acoustics to explore the impacts of noise on ocean animals to inform ocean policy and practice toward decreasing human bio-acoustic impacts on marine habitats..

Ocean Conservation Research:

Michael’s book: Hear Where We Are: Sound, Ecology, and Sense of Place


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“Listening to the Ocean”

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