Radio Show Archive – 2008

Caroline CaseyDecember 25, 2008 Show


Broadcast of Caroline’s Winter Solstice address, Making Light of Darkness with music by Imani As Empire goes down (ED = “Empire Disfunction”) into the roiling Cauldron of Rebirth, the culture of collaborative ingenious reverent cahoots spirals up from the froth.

Navigating instructions for the transition from 2008-2009, complete with how to hitch a ride on a spiral.



Philip SlaterDecember 18, 2008 Show

Winter Solstice Cauldron of Re-birth


As we dive into this Mother of All Winter Solstices, to compost tyranny within and without as rich nutrient for emergent culture of reverent ingenuity, Caroline welcomes Philip Slater, prolific author of the perennially pertinent “The Pursuit of Loneliness,” the novel, “How I Saved the World,” and the just released at this perfect time, “The Chrysalis Effect.”


Caroline CaseyDecember 11, 2008 Show

On this Full Moon eve of Santa Lucia, Virgen de Guadelupe, pre Winter Solstice, Caroline takes it solo, to delve into the ancient festive astro*mythic*political news of now: I Ching divination Amanita Mushroom gloriouly pagan Lord of Misrule Christmas Winter Solstice story with late great ancestral ally Jack Langstaff. And for extra style Pluto conjunct the Winter Solstice Sun! Mega-death-re-birth transformation time.



Dr. Ethan RussoDecember 4, 2008 Show

 Researchers find oldest-ever stash!

Caroline welcomes Dr.Ethan Russo, neurologist, entheogenic scientist
lead author for the research team that discovered
oldest stash ever—2700 year old marijuana placed in shaman’s grave in China,
“the oldest documentation of cannabis as a pharmacologically active agent”



Thanksgiving, November 27, 2008 Show

New Moon: Launching the New Story of Dynamic Kinship

Playing of Caroline W. Casey’s presentation at GreenFest SF.




Tim ReitermanNovember 20, 2008 Show

30th anniversary of Jonestown Murders

Caroline welcomes prize-winning LA Times journalist Tim Reiterman, author of the recently re-published “Raven—The Untold Story of the Rev Jim Jones and His People.” Reiterman was wounded on the jungle airstrip attack that killed Rep. Leo Ryan and 3 reporters and a temple defector 30 years ago.

30th anniversaries are opportune times to glean lessons about leadership, and the toxic-mimic of leadership—the tyrannical father, reminding us to never surrender our autonomy, to break the spell of the con, who lures people with the bait of the desirable community dream, into a death-dealing trap.




Jessica PrenticeNovember 13, 2008 Show

The Democracy of Food

Caroline welcomes pragmatic mystic of food, Jessica Prentice,
author of “Full Moon Feast, Food and the Hunger for Connection”
recipes and guiding food wisdom. (Poisonous food as agent of coloniaism, instant food keeps a populace infantilised.
Local vital food encourages democracy to bloom!
May it be so!


Pat EwingNovember 6, 2008 Show

Coyote Network News: Post-Election Juju


We have elected Barack Obama,
which means “Bless the Good!”

Caroline welcomes back Pat Ewing, political operative, Biblical scholar, as we discern the practical, political and mythological strategy to animate the most desirable democratic pantheistic story.


David GrimesRiki Ott

October 30, 2008 Show

Coyote Network News Halloween Election Coverage


Caroline convenes the Ouji Board of Directors for Inauguration Augury with long-time fellow Trickster David Grimes reporting from Alaska, and fellow Alaskan agent for informed dynamic reverence, Riki Ott, whose latest book is “Not One Drop, Betrayal and Courage in the Wake of the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill.”


May we track the patterns and align with the liveliest evolutionary possibilities available at this time of dire beauty.

Charles SchecterOctober 23, 2008 Show

Citizen McKane

Charles Foster Kane, John Sidney McCain III, both with an affinity for show girls, creators of myth who fell for their own con:

Caroline welcomes Cliff Schecter, author of The Real McCain, so that we may better break the spell of the delusional con in American politics.

Cliff Schecter is a political commentator on MSNBC, CNN, NPR, Air America, Huffington Post, the Guardian, and is a senior fellow at Working America. a division of the AFL-CIO and Progress Ohio.


Janine Benyus
October 16, 2008 Show


Caroline welcomes the return of Janine Benyus, natural sciences writer author of “Biomimicry”.

Janine’s work reminds us that for every toxic insult we humans have imposed upon our home planet, there is an ingenious reverent collaborative solution that makes us weep and bark with delight.

(e.g. solar cells that mimic leaves, agriculture that models a prairie, businesses that run like redwood forests).

Let’s revel in the vortex of rude empire’s economic collapse , from which a polite sane cooperative economy arises.

May it be so!


Visit these web sites for more information on Janine: and

October 9, 2008 Show

 Three Librans Caroline welcomes fellow Libran allies—Iraqui Vet, Advocate for soldiers Advocate for Peace, Eli Painted Crow and kick ass environmental activist Diane Wilson, whose latest book is “Holy Roller: Growing up in the Church of Knock Down. Drag Out; or How I Quit Loving a Blue-Eyed Jesus.”

We convene in Washington DC for Women Drums for Peace to guide the world back to dynamic Harmony (Harmonia= daughter of Venus and Mars).



Paul StametsOctober 2, 2008 Show

 Last Day of Fund Drive Halloween Comes Early this year, what with the VP Debate tonight and all…

So Caroline welcomes back her favorite Medicine Man, Paul Stamets, human agent from the fungi realm, fellow animist, to remind us that all of nature is willing to cooperate with us delinquent humans to solve the crises we have created.

Caroline CaseySeptember 25, 2008 Show

Fund Drive

Caroline co-riffs with herself as she plays excerpts of her Autumnal Equinox Celebration, Time for All Allies to Converge!

“Don’t Panic.” “Time to heal our inner election.” Tease democracy into every molecule of our being. Bullwinkle, hiding out in witness re-location program, chimes in to encourage us to pull a rabbit out of the election hat.



Rabih Alameddine
September 18, 2008 Show


The World Belongs to the Story TellersAs part of our pre-election juju let’s return to the power of story:

Caroline welcomes, from Beirut, master story-teller Rabih Alameddine, author of “The Hakawati” a fantabulously pertinent modern Arabian Nights novel of such power that to read it is to synchronously encounter it in life. The art of the frame story, (the story within which are stories) is indeed a woven carpet that transports us across all borders of time, geography, self and other.


Learn more at Rabih’s web site:

Catherine Austin FittsSeptember 11, 2008 Show

 911, Missing Money, Market Manipulation (Enron, Fannie and Freddie) and the Greening of Local Economies




Seven year anniversaries are times of structurally implementing lessons from the initiatory event.

May it be so! To animate this possibility, Caroline welcomes back Catherine Austin Fitts, former Assistant Secretary of Housing and investment advisor, so that we may inhale our financial chi from the shadow government corporate war dementors and exhale vitality back into our communities to fund local green economies.

Subjects covered will include the duct-taping of the economy until after the election, the necessity to be on higher ground for the ensuing deluge, to align with the ethical opportunities which abound in collapse.

Learn more at the following web sites: and

Caroline CaseySeptember 4, 2008 Show

Coyote Network News Republican Convention Coverage

Caroline delineates the “Whoaaaaa Team”

the dangerous game just got racheted up a notch,

with Sarah Palin’s speech last night in St. Paul.

Let’s explore the weird eroto-psychic-psychotic-tyrannical vs liberating

forces romping across the telescreen of the collective,

that we may be ever more effective players on the team of creation at this time of dire beauty.



Caroline CaseyAugust 28, 2008 Show

Dark of Moon
3rd Eve of Katrina
45th anniversary MLK “I have a Dream”
55th anniversary – the murder of Emmett Till
Acceptance speech of Barack Obama

From New Orleans – Martha Ward, biographer of the Great Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau, once again joins Caroline so that we can prepare a ritual meal to unite the ancestors, spirits and humans, at this potent time when the living and the dead of New Orleans and the ancestress Marie Laveau are voting in this election.

Download : mp3

Caroline CaseyAugust 21, 2008 Show

Time for Trickster Convention Coverage

as Caroline welcomes back two of her favorite

political wizards: political consultant, writer for The Progressive,

Jamie Yeager, and bard, wilderness guide, effective environmental agent for all wild beings, David Grimes, whose latest CD “Raised on Rabbit” is just now hopping into the world.



Stephen KinzerAugust 7, 2008 Show

Replay of March 13th Show: Where there is Mars – Let there be Venus! Oh, and let Americans know history! Caroline welcomes Stephen Kinzer, whose splendid book, All the Shah’s Men, just out in paperback, and including an urgent hyper-pertinent preface, “The Folly of Attacking Iran,” is a book truly that all Americans (certainly candidates) should read. Delineating not only the 1953 American coup that overthrew the democratically elected Mohammed Mossadegh, and installed the Shah, this book provides us with Venus, historically informed reverent
intimacy with a rich culture, whom we all would do well to understand and ally with its long desire to have truly just leadership.

Stephen Kinzer is an award-winning foreign correspondent who has worked in more than fifty countries. He has been New York Times bureau chief in Istanbul, Berlin, and Managua. His books include Overthrow: America’s Century of Regime Change from Hawaii to Iraq.



Caroline CaseyJuly 31, 2008 Show

Bush’s fall: “The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder.”

On this Solar Eclipse of 8/01,

traditionally associated with the death of tyrannical Kings,

Caroline welcomes, revered LA Prosecutor,

Vincent Bugliosi, to animate this possibility – not the death of kings, but the death of kingship.

May Bush tumble into the open arms of indictment, prosecution, conviction


Caroline CaseyJuly 24, 2008 Show

In the first hour of this 2 hour Visionary Activist Show,

Caroline will riff with herself, playing excerpts of her Summer address,

“Animating the Desirable Story!”


In the second hour she welcomes John Burdett (waking up in Thailand), author of the fantabulous Buddhist Noir novel “Bangkok Haunts”, all about crossing borders of every kind, to solve and resolve a culture of sniff films, witty, ironic, profoind and sizzly.

1st Hour: mp3

2nd Hour:  mp3

Rod SuskinJuly 17, 2008 Show

Compassionate Trickster in the Middle East presents One State Solution!

Live from DC, Tel Aviv and Capetown  to California, and spiralling out into world, fueled by the waxing Full Moon of Pragmatic Mysticism –



Caroline welcomes Yehuda Atai, Israeli Peace Activist,  Biblical scholar, alchemist, modern computer start-up wizard presenting the One State Solution –  the Israeli-Palestinian Democracy!

Because this bold imaginative ingenious experiment will require metabolizing justified bitterness into forgiveness,

Caroline welcomes Rod Suskin, traditional Sangoma to offer the medicine of South Africa into our collective brew that we may animate this desirable, and once we hear it, irresistable story.

July 10, 2008 Show

Today’s powerful Mars Saturn conjunction in Virgo, invites us all to dedicate to our Medicine to preserve and protect life,


Sarah JamesCaroline welcomes Revered kick-butt Gwich’in elder Sarah James, live from her home on Arctic Village Alaska Sarah embodies dynamic dedication to her people and their kinship to the land, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, pitched to Americans as ANWR – but which the Gwitch’in know as the “Sacred Place Where Life Begins” For over 20 years Sarah has been speaking with fierce lucidity about global warming – and the sociopathic folly of drilling. She has been honored for her work, including being awarded the Goldman Environmental Prize.


Dune LankardCarol HooverCarol Hoover, Alaska environmental cultural preservation activist who co-founded, with Alaska Eyak Native Dune Lankard, the Eyak Preservation Council in Cordova, Alaska. Their work tells the story of the devastating effects of oil expoitation on habitat and Indigenous people from both ends of the trans-Alaska pipeline – from Prudhoe Bay to Prince William Sound, and guides us to participate in protecting all life.

With whom we shall address:

Current Supreme Court Exxon mis-judgment- how it effects all of our rights

Current multiple-bill Congressional assault on the Arctic Refuge

Facts – days of cheap oil are over – face it America – and giving away our rights to our American-owned lands is no answer Human rights – and the connection to Global Warming


Barry LynnJuly 3, 2008 Show

To honor The Declaration of Independence Caroline hosts Rev. Barry Lynn, executive director of Americans United for Separation of Church and State, (who criticized Obama’s proposed expansion of a program he said has undermined civil rights and civil liberties.”I am disappointed that any presidential candidate would want to continue a failed policy of the Bush administration,” he said. “It ought to be shut down, not continued.”) and Jeff Sharlet, author of “The Family, the Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power,” that we may resurrect the Declaration and the Constitution with the waters of this vital New Moon.