Caroline's Solo Shows

The darker the lyrics – the jauntier the tune – the Genius of Jamaica

  The darker the lyrics - the jauntier the tune - the Genius of Jamaica Astro*politico debriefing: to triumph over chicanery, This Fund Drive, Caroline is offering 2 of her favorite novels, The Harder They Come, by Michael Thelwell (barely 20 copies available in world, and we have them! as pledge enticements.) In this potent, pertinent … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Visionary Activist Show

Caroline reminds us that Thanksgiving be not merely Hallmark holocaust card, but astrologically timed… 1st Thursday (dedicated to Jupiter/Thor) after the Sun enters Jupiter’s realm of Sagittarius. With Jupiter as our guide, let gratitude be sacramental participatory kinship. "Speak to the weary a word that will rouse them.” (Isaiah) Availing … [Read more...]

Mythic News Coverage Radio

Mythic News Coverage, “debates” etc, Caroline takes it solo, with callers to convene deliberative Mythic News Council, exploring the guiding astro*mythology of candidates, debates, election, Inauguration…   Listen & Download "Mythic News Coverage Radio" Support The Visionary Activist Show on Patreon for weekly Chart & … [Read more...]

Sufi Aikido Celtic Voodoo Radio

Bodhisattva Coyote presents Sufi Aikido Celtic Voodoo Radio, on Mid-Summers Night Eve... Solo Show   Ah Neptune - was ghosted by scheduled guest ally (inadvertently. He thought next day.) And 10,000 blessings waft around him, & his quintessential message. So, gods wanted improv Solstice Show, & by Jimminy, … [Read more...]

Defiant Joy through Music

Defiant Joy as antidote to churlish cruelty… Honoring July 4th on July 5th… with heartening contributions from Paul Robeson, Frantzich Brothers, Bab Aziz, and Hamid El Shari. Considering Music as an entheogen, opening up passageways, whereby we may participate in spiraling blessing into the Memosphere. Caroline weaves words in and out of … [Read more...]