Caroline's Solo Shows

Riveting Radio ~ Storytellers Continued

  Riveting Radio, on-going celebration of the Visionary Activist Show - 25 years on the air, rummaging in the archives, we have conjured potent radio collection #2, as incentive to pledge, of which we will be weaving clips from Tim Reiterman on Jonestown (lessons of which highly pertinent to our present conundrum) and with Diane Wilson and … [Read more...]

The World Belongs to the Story-Tellers

  Magnetizing, Animating and Spiraling Forth the astro*mytho*politico guiding Story of Now whereby to ride this Full Moon Tide. Caroline honors the quintessential Trickster story-teller Scheherezade, who, as Venusian hero liberates the entire circumstance. The Tale of the Princess Perizada; We close with the powerful, poignant, … [Read more...]

Inaugurating Flora Fauna

On this anniversary of the Gettysburg Address, Mercury emerges from its retrograde shadow, with back up, that we proclaim: “that government of the people, by the people, for the people – shall not perish from the Earth.”  And adapt: “That Government of Flora Fauna, by Flora Fauna, for Flora Fauna, shall not perish from the Earth!”   Caroline … [Read more...]

Trickster Radio

  Caroline goes solo today - the wedding of spiritual magic and compassionate social activism. Weaving the Astro*Mytho*Politico Themes of Now.   KPFA in Fund Drive.   Listen & Download "Trickster Radio" Support The Visionary Activist Show on Patreon for weekly Chart & Astro*Mytho Themes ($4/month) and more … [Read more...]

The darker the lyrics – the jauntier the tune – the Genius of Jamaica

  The darker the lyrics - the jauntier the tune - the Genius of Jamaica Astro*politico debriefing: to triumph over chicanery, This Fund Drive, Caroline is offering 2 of her favorite novels, The Harder They Come, by Michael Thelwell (barely 20 copies available in world, and we have them! as pledge enticements.) In this potent, pertinent … [Read more...]