Michael Stocker

Virgen de Guadalupe Radio

Caroline hosts Michael Stocker, genius ally of all life, acoustician, defender of the Ocean, author of "Hear Where We Are" that we may restore intimacy to the world. www.HearWhereWeAre.com The Visionary Activist - December 12, 2013 … [Read more...]

Protecting the Seas, Setting the agenda,

with long-tima ally Marine acoustician Michael Stocker. www.OCR.org   Listen … [Read more...]

Diving into the Dark

At top of hour Michael Stocker returns to encourage us protecting our kin in the Arctic Seas, followed by Michael Gruber, my favorite pertinent esoteric noire thriller writer. We may well need to become/practice our most magically adept selves to emerge from dire danger of now.   Listen … [Read more...]

Poets as mushrooms!

metabolizing toxin into tonic - in service to protecting all life. Caroline welcomes fellow KPFA team-mate Dennis Bernstein, in his deep essential guise as poetic Chiron, mentor of troubled youth, as Future cultural Heroes, featuring his book of poetry, "Special Ed." Also joining our council- long-time ally of Oceans and mushrooms Michael Stocker, … [Read more...]