Astrological Readings

Consider your life as a spiritual detective novel, each pertinent clue to be honored in cultivating our unique contribution to culture at this time of Dire Beauty.

Metaphors Be With You!

Astrological Consultation Divination with Caroline Whereby to “Dree Your Weird” (aka “Play Your Role in Destiny”) at this Time of Dire Beauty.

The astrological chart is a stylized factual map derived from your birth day, time and place. (and without a birth-time, much worthy is still available – but/and it is worthwhile to research: birth certificate, hospital records, family album. Already stirring the depths of one’s story.)

So we say: Everything Real – Everything Symbolic – Real Map -Symbolic Map of
your navigational guidance from yourself to yourself, which we give voice through the navigational lens of now.

Trickster Discerning criterion: any divination, teacher, teaching, spiritual group, whatever etc. is valid to the extent that it guides each of us to our own autonomy. (Not external dependency, nor belief. “Believe Nothing – Entertain Possibilities!”)

The second essential metaphor we animate in a consultation: Real Map-Symbolic Map of the interior community of you. We convene the full council of you.
Each planet is real, bien sur, and symbolizes a quality of Living Intelligence that resides within you and connects you to the world.
So part of our play is that these planetary parts of us love and are encouraged by being considered. The Zodiac is their adverb.

Timing: each astrological reading is customized to address NOW.

Astrological Readings with Caroline

Please Note: Caroline is currently booking 3-4 months into the future.

As of February 2023, we are booking in June 2023. Woof! 

We do offer a waiting list, but we cannot guarantee any sooner timing.

Readings happen at the perfect time!

$380 / 90 minute session

Readings are held via Zoom or by Phone. We are no longer offering in-person Readings.

Each session is 90 minutes, is recorded and then sent to you as an audio file after the session via WeTransfer (this file must be downloaded within 30 days, it will be deleted after 30 days).

Readings are currently offered on Wednesdays and Fridays at 12 noon or 3 pm eastern time. We do have some flexibility for other times if needed, especially for international folks.

If you miss your appointment or need to cancel/reschedule within 24 hours of your appointment time, we ask for a $75 fee rescheduling/cancellation fee. The fee must be paid before we will reschedule you. Your appointment will be rescheduled to the next available time (often 2-4 months in the future).

More Frequently Asked Questions about Scheduling Readings

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Please Note: Caroline is currently booking 3-4 months into the future.

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Follow-up Reading with Caroline

Only available within 30 days of initial reading.

If you had a reading in the past month you can book a tight one hour follow-up session.

$200 / 1 hour follow up session

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Carolingian Value-4pak

Carolingian Trickster Cavort for 4:

4 readings, for self, and/or as gifts – distribute the 4 readings as you wish!

$1000 / 4 readings (90 minutes each) 

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