Radio Show Archive – 2006

December 28, 2006 Show
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We remember in our bones, that if this country’s soul had a physical address,
it would be New Orleans…And so we close out the year with Malik
and Marina Drummer of the
Common Ground Collective in New Orleans

which has done so much, and deserves so much support, representing the
best of democratic ingenuity, mutual aid, reciprocal blessing and pragmatic
mysticism (in contrast to the war and disaster profiteering of the dementors
of doom, to whom we had temporarily relinquished our Saturn.)

December 21, 2006 Show
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Solstice Show!

Solstice Special Dec. 22, 2006
Caroline on Daniel Giamario’s Shamanic Astrology –

Host Daniel Giamario welcomes mythic astrologer
and visionary activist, Caroline Casey, for an exploration of Winter Solstice
and the end and beginning of a great 26,000 year cycle. The wide ranging
discussion encompasses politics, the unfolding global crisis, and a look
ahead to 2007. A mytho-shamanistic historical overview assists us to creating
new myths and storylines for the new epoch. Call-ins are welcome.

December 14, 2006 Show
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Honoring the Lords of Time as we dive for darkness Caroline cavorts this
week with long-time ally, fellow pragmatic mystic aspirant, effective
environmentalist Carolyn Raffensperger,
as we prepare for the Winter Solstice.

December 7, 2006 Show
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Let’s Ride This Dragon – Dedication Brings Power-
Caroline is joined by ally Alex Steffan
to align with the rising culture of reverent ingenuity, to celebrate the
book which he edited, “World Changing- A User’s Guide For the 21st

November 30, 2006 Show
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Dedication invites power…Native Wind Power.
Caroline welcomes back Bob Gough, lawyer
for the Lakota Sioux, and secretary of COUP, the Inter Tribal Council
on Utility Policy, to report back on how once again native wisdom is gonna
save our ass. “Harvesting the wind is a great way to heal Grandmother
Earth and restore sustainable tribal economies. In the 21st century we
can lead the way in developing a sustainable way of life” (Pat Spears
president of COUP). Bob will be reporting on the growing alliance of the
native tribes dedicated to wind energy, as well as “the Sundance
Summit, a Mayor’s Gathering on Climate Protection.”

November 23, 2006 Show
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Replay of part of Caroline’s Bioneers talk.