Book: Making the Gods Work for You

The Astrological Language of the Psyche

Making the Gods Work for YouBelieve nothing, entertain possibilities! Expand your range of intimacy with the ten parts of yourself represented by the planetary gods.

“A lifelong intrigue and resonance with astrology began as a child and although I read books and took classes over the years, something was missing. Most of the time what I was exposed to felt trite and superficial. I was searching for something more meaningful with depth. Reading Casey’s book, and listening to her speak, I finally found what I had been looking for.”
-Holly Alexander

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Material from Caroline’s book as only she could perform it. Lively, informative, and fun, with great music. This series holds three whimsically wise hours and features the invocative drumming and singing of Mama Muti (Jaqui MacMillan and Amikaeyla Gaston).

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