Beauty Out of Darkness (Archive Show)

Originally Broadcast October 27, 2011 – this ever-pertinent interview with Lily Yeh is the medicine and dedication we need now in the world – Beauty Out of Darkness. … invoking Akhilandishvara! the goddess of the power that comes from being broken! Caroline welcomes Lily Yeh, author of “Awakening Creativity,” founder of Barefoot Artists whose … [Read more...]

Replay: Underworld Medicine

Worthy re-play from July 18th. As listener encouraged: So much acquired and intuitive wisdom packed in. Twice not enough. Caroline hosts Buddhist Prison Ministry Chaplain, Susan Shannon, that we honor the liberating medicine proffered to us all, from those under greatest adversity. Susan Shannon, M. Div. is a seeker, student, mystic, poet, … [Read more...]

Re°play: Yahia Lababidi

This week on The Visionary Activist Show, we re·play an especially lively radio romp with poet, Aphorism Genie, Yahia Lababidi, while Caroline convenes a two-week council in Goa, India. “Salvation lies on the other side of danger.” -Yahia Lababidi [Show originally aired 11.09.2017] Listen & Download "Re*play Yahia Lababidi" ***Some … [Read more...]

Re*Animating Lady Liberty

Caroline, journeying through the desert of Egypt this week, invites us to replay the recent excellent interview with Laura Cortner and Dr. Robert Hieronymous, authors of “The Secret Life of Lady Liberty” – that we may (continue to) animate the Statue of Liberty, at this time when the country has been taken over by a dangerous crank cult of … [Read more...]

Replay of show with John Michael Greer

Caroline was on the road on August 6, so KPFA replayed her most recent show with John Michael Greer. You can find this and other shows with the author of Apocalypse Not: Everything You Know About 2012, Nostradamus and the Rapture Is Wrong here. … [Read more...]