Generosity and Cooperation in the Natural World

  Fund Drive, Caroline magnetizes pledges by playing segments of this previous show… and offering this most wonderful book for a pledge of $150: Sweet in Tooth and Claw: Stories of Generosity and Cooperation in the Natural World Originally aired October 6th, 2022 Caroline hosts Kristin Ohlson, whose … [Read more...]

Cultivating Wonder, Curiosity & Biophilia (replay)

Caroline co-rifs with segments of this powerful deep great show, whereby to magnetize money for KPFA/fund drive… Offering this fantabulous book, "Wild New World: the Epic Story of Animals and People in America," as a thank you for pledging $150 or more… Or $15/month   Original post: (Replay … [Read more...]

Archive: Ukrainian Earth Story Trickster Magic

  Replaying interview with Max Dashu from earlier this year ~ Ukrainian Earth Story Trickster Magic: A rollicking, raucous rambling playful, cahoot betwixt Caroline and Max Dashu, Keeper of Suppressed Histories Archives, erudite fantabulous history mythic scholar guide, as we delve into the deep magic of the Slavic world, the animism … [Read more...]

Beauty Out of Darkness (Archive Show)

Originally Broadcast October 27, 2011 – this ever-pertinent interview with Lily Yeh is the medicine and dedication we need now in the world – Beauty Out of Darkness. … invoking Akhilandishvara! the goddess of the power that comes from being broken! Caroline welcomes Lily Yeh, author of “Awakening Creativity,” founder of Barefoot Artists whose … [Read more...]

Replay: Underworld Medicine

Worthy re-play from July 18th. As listener encouraged: So much acquired and intuitive wisdom packed in. Twice not enough. Caroline hosts Buddhist Prison Ministry Chaplain, Susan Shannon, that we honor the liberating medicine proffered to us all, from those under greatest adversity. Susan Shannon, M. Div. is a seeker, student, mystic, poet, … [Read more...]