Biomimicry (from the Archives)

  “Biomimicry,” as sine qua non for life on planet… that humans humbly cooperate with Nature’s guiding design Genius Again we are drawn to replay this most fantabulous show from the archives with Janine Benyus. Benyus describes herself as “Scientist, animist, poet,” founder of Biomimicry Institute. “Let’s learn democracy from … [Read more...]

Growing Down (Anniversary!)

  James Hillman! to honor  the 27th anniversary of the Visionary Activist show - we re-play the first show from September 5, 1996, with James Hillman… a riveting relevant resonant romp, with which Caroline riffs for the remainder of the hour... (Note: Dream News Council open for one more week for registration...)   Listen … [Read more...]

Biomimicry Re-play

“Biomimicry," as sine qua non for life on planet... OMG most fantabulous show! with Janine Benyus, Describes herself as "Scientist, animist, poet." Founder of  “Biomimicry Institute “Let's learn democracy from bees! Before our arrogance destroys the bees, who truly know how to vote.” “Range voting.” Grief and ingenuity…innovation & … [Read more...]

Generosity and Cooperation in the Natural World

  Fund Drive, Caroline magnetizes pledges by playing segments of this previous show… and offering this most wonderful book for a pledge of $150: Sweet in Tooth and Claw: Stories of Generosity and Cooperation in the Natural World Originally aired October 6th, 2022 Caroline hosts Kristin Ohlson, whose … [Read more...]

Cultivating Wonder, Curiosity & Biophilia (replay)

Caroline co-rifs with segments of this powerful deep great show, whereby to magnetize money for KPFA/fund drive… Offering this fantabulous book, "Wild New World: the Epic Story of Animals and People in America," as a thank you for pledging $150 or more… Or $15/month   Original post: (Replay … [Read more...]