Daniel Giamario

Astro*Mytho News of Now

Wonder magnetizes the Genie of Participatory Kinship, now appearing - everywhere! Caroline welcomes the return of fellow astro*mytho*politico astrologer, Daniel Giamario, fellow Sun-Neptune Libra both of us w/ Mercury at 5 Scorpio, that we all may magnetize (Venus) animate (Mars) & spiral forth the guiding meta-story for now. Daniel, joining … [Read more...]

Astro*Mytho Co*Guiding of Now

Caroline welcomes the return of astro*mytho guiding narrative colleague, Daniel Giamario, to co-guide: Uranus, Nature’s evolutionary Trickster Genius has entered Taurus – the realm of participatory animism, on yesterday’s Ash Wednesday New Moon, conjoining Neptune, at the Grail degree… As Mercury stations to retrieve whatever we need for a sane … [Read more...]

Winter Solstice Full Moon Radio

Gathering to “Con-Sider” - to avert further “dis-aster.” Caroline welcomes the return of fellow astro*mytho*politico*guiding meta-narrative*liberating cultural high jinx ally, Daniel Giamario, at this potent time. Internal dedication magnetizes outward opportunity… Co-Operators are standing by! We are willing to meet them, that we humans may … [Read more...]

Mars Venus Cycles & Narrative of Now

Caroline hosts collegial astro*mytho*cultural*story-guide Daniel Giamario, reporting in from Manilla, as we explore the astrology of Mars Venus cycles and the astro- guiding narrative of now (aspiring, with varying degrees of success, in translating into pertinent English).   https://shamanicastrology.com/   Listen & … [Read more...]

Winter Solstice Guiding Mythos Radio

“We shouldn’t be afraid. We should be ready.” (Edward Snowden, blessings be upon him) To get ready, Caroline welcomes fellow astro*mytho weaver of the guiding meta-narrative, Daniel Giamario, that we may partner with our resilient wiley woof! Delineate the dire danger, and the against all odds redemption proffered to us. Saturn in Capricorn … [Read more...]