Mythic Newsletter 3/1/18: Turkey! “A Call to Lovers!” Full Moon Entheo Radio and Events whereby to gather Woof!

Turkey! "A Call to Lovers!" Full Moon Entheo Radio and Events whereby to gather Woof! Sent Thursday, March 1, 2018 View as plaintext     Yo Team, Fantabulous Sufic Dance ally, Banafsheh, is leading a most alluring … [Read more...]

Liberating the Zodiac ~ Journey sets forth Tuesday, January 30th!

Sign up for Caroline's Mythic Newsletter   Sunset on reservoir outside Hampi (Photo: Caroline Casey)  Yo Team, am just returned from a vast, rich journey to Goa and Hampi, India, convening an adorable Trickster Council; more than … [Read more...]

Mythic News: Coyote Radio, *Epiphany Zoom* (free!) & Liberating Zodiac Trickster Council

What qualities do we most want to cultivate to navigate, with jaunty aplomb, the wild ride unfurling before us… Coyote Genius - be one Visionary Activist Show Today 01.04.18 · 2pm pst / 5pm est Live Streaming Now on (Archived on Caroline welcomes Dan Flores, author of "Coyote America, a Natural and … [Read more...]

Winter Solstice Guiding Mythos & Convening in DC

Come gather for strategy, spice, solace, and defiant joy! “We shouldn’t be afraid. We should be ready." (Edward Snowden, blessings be upon him) Winter Solstice Gathering in Washington, DC Astro*Politico*Mytho guiding narrative meta-story, and ritual laying to rest of old year, Honoring the Birth of … [Read more...]