Caroline's Solo Shows

Defiant Joy through Music

Defiant Joy as antidote to churlish cruelty… Honoring July 4th on July 5th… with heartening contributions from Paul Robeson, Frantzich Brothers, Bab Aziz, and Hamid El Shari. Considering Music as an entheogen, opening up passageways, whereby we may participate in spiraling blessing into the Memosphere. Caroline weaves words in and out of … [Read more...]

Vernal Equinox Cultural Hijinks

In this pre-recorded segment Caroline weaves the Mythic News of Now, inviting us to convene our inner democracy (“whatever we do for ourselves, grants us the spiritual muscle tone to do that in the world”) at this time of Vernal Equinox Cultural Hijinks – to ‘dree our weird,’ to ‘play our role in destiny.’   Caroline is en route to NORWAC … [Read more...]

Earth-Sky Story of Now

Caroline takes it solo - animating the desirable possibilities being so generously proffered to us, through the earth-sky story, at this Time of Dire Beauty - Fund Drive, co-riffing with the latter portion of her banquet speech at the NCGR conference in Baltimore.   Listen here: 20170302-Thu1400 … [Read more...]

We’re All in this Dream Together Radio

Caroline syncretizes heartening music, astro*mytho*guiding story, (and considering true satire, a liberating art, distinct from caricature, irony distinct from sarcasm) and redeeming the kerfuffled missing 24 minutes from last week's show, that we may cahoot with Venus to initiate hyper-yang death-frenzy Mars, and all together dream a desirable … [Read more...]

New Year’s Show

Caroline collages a heartening brew of music, reverie, comedy, high jinx to feed our jaunty plucky hearts for the journey into this New Year... Visionary Activist Show - 01-01-2015 … [Read more...]