The World Belongs to the Story-Tellers


Shérazade et le sultan, Sani ol-Molk (One Thousand and One Nights)

Magnetizing, Animating and Spiraling Forth the astro*mytho*politico guiding Story of Now
whereby to ride this Full Moon Tide. Caroline honors the quintessential Trickster story-teller Scheherezade, who, as Venusian hero liberates the entire circumstance. The Tale of the Princess Perizada; We close with the powerful, poignant, pertinent last words of John Lewis, who hands us the baton…
We are approaching the 25th anniversary of The Visionary Activist Show, Caroline has been finding gold in the archives, and is proffering a fantabulous collection of worthy story-tellers as pledge incentive to the Show and KPFA.

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“The World Belongs to the Story-Tellers”

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