Land Back as Climate Justice

  Indigenous Leadership protecting Flora Fauna Land & Sea, Caroline welcomes long-time ally, Dune Lankard, founder and president of The Native Conservancy. Land Back as a climate justice solution is this Waxing Lunar Eclipse! & the sacrament of Kelp. After the Exxon spill and Alaska Native Corporations clearcutting … [Read more...]

Regenerative Ocean Farming

Caroline welcomes the return of Eyak Native, and mega-effective advocate for Mother Ocean, Dune Lankard, with collaborative ally Bren Smith, executive director of Green Wave. Dune Lankard, Founder, President & Executive Director of Native Conservancy An Eyak Athabaskan Native of the Eagle Clan, Dune grew up in Cordova, in southcentral … [Read more...]

Protectors and Allies of Life

Yesterday was a busy Epiphany - Georgia earned miracle, storming of Capitol by Duck Dynasty, and the opening of bidding for oil and gas leases in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, which turned out to be "an epic failure." The assault on the Capitol was/is simultaneous with the assault on the Arctic. Caroline hosts, allies of life, Sarah … [Read more...]

Liberating Satire and a Great Environmental Victory

Our first guest Mark Bryan, a visual satirical genius: "Raised in the middle class suburbs of Los Angeles County during the 1950s and 60s, Bryan was immersed in the popular culture of that time and place. Low budget Sci-Fi and horror movies, Super hero comic books, Mad Magazine, surrealist art and later the psychedelic work of Zap Comix artists … [Read more...]