Radio Show Archive – 2008: Jan – March

Caroline CaseyMarch 27, 2008 Show

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Restoring the Waters of Life to Democracy

Caroline’s Vernal Equinox address

Where There is Mars – Let There Be Venus-

astrological*political*lecture*positive intrigue*theatre

that we may be replenished and replenishing for the imminent adventures ahead,

to toss the Ring of Power into the Crack of Doom, to re-animate the soul of this country that the world may bloom again.

(edited to 58 minutes – full version available in the store.)

Caroline CaseyMarch 20, 2008 Show

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Way Holy Week! This Thursday is the Vernal Equinox, Persian and Afghani New Year, Maundy Thursday, the Eve of Purim, the 5th anniversary of the brutal invasion of Iraq – and… the Full Moon! a week  rife with symbolic and metaphoric guidance. So, more than perfectly, Caroline welcomes back long-time ally, religious scholar and political consultant Pat Ewing, that we may bring informed reverence for life to bear on our personal, collective spiritual and political lives, and cultivate liberating leadership.

Stephen KinzerMarch 13, 2008 Show

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Where there is Mars – Let there be Venus! Oh, and let Americans know history! Caroline welcomes Stephen Kinzer, whose splendid book, All the Shah’s Men, just out in paperback, and including an urgent hyper-pertinent preface, “The Folly of Attacking Iran,” is a book truly that all Americans (certainly candidates) should read. Delineating not only the 1953 American coup that overthrew the democratically elected Mohammed Mossadegh, and installed the Shah, this book provides us with Venus, historically informed reverent

intimacy with a rich culture, whom we all would do well to understand and ally with its long desire to have truly just leadership.

Stephen Kinzer is an award-winning foreign correspondent who has worked in more than fifty countries. He has been New York Times bureau chief in Istanbul, Berlin, and Managua. His books include Overthrow: America’s Century of Regime Change from Hawaii to Iraq.

Mimi KennedyMarch 6, 2008 Show

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“God Bless the Grass.” Caroline welcomes Sonoma County Activist, Lynn Hamilton and Mimi Kennedy, Progressive Democrats for America Chair (citizen action for a national healthcare plan),

and the spirit of Grass Roots Activism quickening across the land and

in each of our hearts, as we launch Healthcare Not Warfare.
Dean RadinFebruary 28, 2008 Show

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Caroline welcomes Dean Radin,Ph.D., Laboratory Director at the

Institute of Noetic Sciences (worked at Bell Lab on telecommunications, two decades study on psychic phenomena in academia) that we may frolic in the Big Picture of inter-relatedness,

and tease forth its implications into pragmatic  mysticism. His most recent book is “Entangled Minds.”

“We signed up for this game because we love this dream!.” (Breer David Grimes)

Steve AltenFebruary 21, 2008 Show

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Winter Fund Drive

In keeping with the saying: “If ain’t scared – ain’t paying attention,” Caroline welcomes Steve Alten, author of The Shell Game, a cautionary tale thriller , animating the history and end of peak oil, false flag  state sponsored terrorism. The narrative is supported by actual quotes, that we must know and heed if we want to save the city of Los Angeles, the country of Iran and avert World War. Sometimes we tell the story to prevent it from happening.

Joan BaezFebruary 14, 2008 Show

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Valentine’s Day Fund Drive

Caroline welcomes, as a Valentine to us all, Joan Baez, one of the purest, most iconic, dedicated, beautiful  and most beloved voices of our time. that we may compost grief into beauty, and re-dedication to music and art in service to dynamic peace.

David GrimesFebruary 7 , 2008 Show

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Fund Drive

Inauguration Augury
and Chinese New Year of the Rat,

Caroline welcomes fellow Trickster David Grimes, reporting in from the
heartland of Columbia, Missouri
to co-cavort, and remind us that, “it takes a village to raise a
and we are all voting to become agents of the ever-evolving
consciousness of the community of creation.
And that we recognize ourselves as “Politician Whisperers.”

January 31 , 2007 Show

Not aired due to KPFA’s all day programming on Global Warming, or as we prefer to call it Global Climate
Crisis inviting ingenuity…

Greg SarrisJanuary 24 , 2008 Show

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Coyote Network News Election Coverage- Part One

On the Eve of Pluto’s entrance into Capricorn, (huge amplification

of death and collapsere-birth and renewal, and we delve into the animating
story of true leadership, Caroline welcomes Greg Sarris (author, Hollywood
actor, professor at UCLA, HBO collaborator with Robert Redford etc etc.)
who has returned to his home in Sonoma, where he is Tribal Chief of the
Miwok and Southern Pomo tribes, who have endowed a Chair for him at Sonoma
State, and where after a recent leg injury, a bobcat would every day leave
him the skull and liver of its kill.

Heather Roan RobbinsJanuary 17 , 2008 Show

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Coyote Network News Election Coverage- Part One

Caroline is joined by long-time astrological colleague-ally, Heather
Roan Robbins
that we may deeply delve and cavort via the astrological
charts of now, the up-coming election, the founding of the country, the
candidates, and how we can all be the most effective agents possible for
democracy on behalf of all the critters with whom we share this planet.

Neil Douglas-KlotzJanuary 10 , 2008 Show

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Caroline welcomes back Aramaic Scholar, Neil
, who translates the teachings of Yeshua (aka Jesus),
from the Aramaic, the richly poetic metaphoric vernacular of the day.
(For instance: The Aramaic word for “snake,” is “hewa,”
or “life energy”, “Mother of Life”, or “Eve.”)

Tune in for the liberating implications: that all religious war and subjugation
of women and nature results from erroneous translation, both intentional,
and inadvertent.

David HolmesJanuary 3 , 2008 Show

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We begin this most auspicious year with David
Aaron Holmes
, whose book,

Psyche’s Palace delineates “How the brain generates the
light of the Soul.”

“Ablaze with the light of 100 billion sparkling
neurons, the bioluminescent brain creates the sphere of the five senses
and the persistent illusion of a separately existing self.”