Redemption lies in Brewing Medicine for Others

Redemption lies in Brewing Medicine for Others Caroline’s keynote address on Halloween for The International Academy of Collaborative Professionals a global organization of professionals guiding families to divorce peacefully, (without going through the courts). You can learn more at ‘Twas a most worthy … [Read more...]

Festival of Evolution

  Caroline is in Turkey, but has sent us this gem of a talk she delivered on February 14, 1995 at the historic 'Cycles and Symbols Conference' in San Francisco… It is titled "Festival of Evolution," and is remarkably pertinent to us all now. We gives thanks to ally Weston McMillan, who was an agent of its rising from archival midden … [Read more...]

Scheherazade Saves the World

Caroline is currently in India convening a physically manifested Trickster Training Council, she returns for next week's show. Today we air a selection of an oldie but goodie, "Scheherazade Saves the World" - this talk marks the beginning of the Scheherazade series and includes both Stephen Kent (on didgeridoo) and Ida Maxim (singing beauty into … [Read more...]