Pre-Eclipse Radio

We’re in the Dark o Moon field of April 8th’s eclipse, traditionally a time of laying low, convening back-stage to guide the course of culture…. (Today's radio guest, unavailable at the last minute, Caroline flys solo, weaving the themes of now) Tis a fluctuating quirky pre-eclipse shadowy field in which we be navigating…. So let’s work … [Read more...]

Winter Solstice Council Radio

We play a portion of last week's Winter Solstice Council with Caroline Casey, astro-mythologist, entheo anarcho animist, and Amikaeyla Gaston, chanteuse, chantress, enchantress, drummer- invoker of the Orishas, living Intelligences of Nature…. “The longest Nights- the wheel is turning – what will we give to the night?” and what reciprocal … [Read more...]

Grieving Rituals, Globally

  grieving rituals, globally, across all borders… for all in grief, including the Earth herself…. Tyranny seeks to destroy Community, creates the toxic mimic, which be a cult…. So we animate Community arising from the Earth, across all borders…. Caroline proffers dedicated voices, including Rabbi Irwin Keller and (next week’s … [Read more...]

Redemptive Thanksgiving of spiraling Blessings

  Redemptive Thanksgiving of spiraling Blessings out into the World... Caroline, with some great music, reminds us that Thanksgiving not just a hallmark card smiley face on top of colonial destruction of Indigenous people and their kinship with Flora Fauna Fungi, but tis astrologically timed as first Thursday ( Jupiter's Day) after Sun … [Read more...]

Full Moon Radio * Equinox Address

Full Moon Radio - Deep roots in Community allow us to rise to the occasion… cause ack requires the re-wedding of Politics and Magic…. Caroline plays segments of her Anarcho*Entheo*Astro*Animist Equinox address in Viroqua Wisconsin, with music by Sound Play…   (the whole shebang available for down-load - for pledge of $50 call … [Read more...]