Brock Dolman

Hydro Cahooting · Cooperating with Water

  “It’s time to take our fire fears and connect that with our water woes!” – Brock Dolman Caroline welcomes “Fluid Druid” Water Wizard Brock Dolman, for auspicious hydro cahooting: that we ally with Beavers. To cooperate to cooperate, good for the whole Community the human relationships become more egalitarian…. Even our rogue species … [Read more...]

Cooling out conflagration!

Caroline hosts  Brock Dolman through whom Venus-Oshun, the Intelligence of water, has a voice of guiding sane reverence, that we may cool out the literal and symbolic Conflagration abounding literally in California, metaphorically in the White House and more… Both Caroline and Brock will be presenting at the Bioneers Conference … [Read more...]

Call of the Forest Radio, Planet Water and Tree Radio

Caroline hosts Brock Dolman, aka Humble Fluid Druid Permaculture Program & WATER Institute Director co-founder Occidental Arts and Ecology Center He has taught Permaculture and consulted on regenerative project design and implementation globally. He was featured in the films, Leonardo DiCaprio’s 11th hour, The Call of Life, A Quiet … [Read more...]

Badger and Coyote Cahooting in Regenerative Hedonism for Good of All Beings!

Caroline welcomes Brock Dolman (also presenting at the Harmony Festival June 10th-12th in Santa Rosa CA.) Brock is co-founder of the Occidental Arts and Ecology Center where he directs the WATER Institute and Permaculture Program. "In the face of rampant nature deficit disorder and global weirding – we are called, individually and collectively, to … [Read more...]