Amikaeyla Gaston

Music as Medicine for the World

Caroline hosts her long-time deep joy-ful co-cahooter…. Amikaeyla…..Chantress, drummer, calling in the Orishas, Executive Director / Founder, ICAHSI - International Cultural Arts & Healing Sciences Institute "Amikaeyla Gaston is an amazing vocalist and percussionist who comes from the Washington DC area. She has studied, recorded with, and … [Read more...]

Winter Solstice Council Radio

We play a portion of last week's Winter Solstice Council with Caroline Casey, astro-mythologist, entheo anarcho animist, and Amikaeyla Gaston, chanteuse, chantress, enchantress, drummer- invoker of the Orishas, living Intelligences of Nature…. “The longest Nights- the wheel is turning – what will we give to the night?” and what reciprocal … [Read more...]

Majnoun A Trickster’s Guide to Necessary Miracles!

  Caroline Casey, with musical accomplices, Amikaeyla Gaston & Briana Di Mara, proffering our Bioneers evening (recorded 4.7.23) at Freight and Salvage: Majnoun A Trickster’s Guide to Necessary Miracles! Opening Portals of Participation For Community Sacraments of Reciprocal Blessing, Mutual Aid, Symbiotic Mutualism, To hum … [Read more...]

Majnoun (Crazy for the Divine!)

Confluencing of Ally Accomplices: Caroline with her two fantabulous musical accomplices, Amikaeyla Gaston and Briana Di Mara, brewing back-stage our tonight, and forever more Magical offering … Bioneers, tonight! Thursday, April 6th, at 9:00pm (doors 8:30pm) Freight & Salvage (2020 Addison St, Berkeley, CA) Free and Open to the … [Read more...]

Calling all those Willing to be agents of Citizen Trickster

  Caroline hosts herself, and Amikaeyla via part of their Friday the 13th presentation at Bioneers Presented Friday the 13th of May at 9pm at the Palace of Fine Arts, Marin Conference Center, Bioneers Conference Calling all those Willing to be agents of Citizen Trickster Wonder, & Revelation in Call & Response - Partnering … [Read more...]