Winter Solstice Council Radio

We play a portion of last week’s Winter Solstice Council with Caroline Casey, astro-mythologist, entheo anarcho animist, and Amikaeyla Gaston, chanteuse, chantress, enchantress, drummer- invoker of the Orishas, living Intelligences of Nature….

“The longest Nights- the wheel is turning – what will we give to the night?”
and what reciprocal blessings shall we ladle out of the Solstice cauldron – to prepare for the dangerous, worthy adventure that is coming for us…

As the astrologer, (as well as poet) Rumi said “when fate and strife cross in the heavens – you cannot escape. Your only hope is to dance towards its embrace!”
to Craft our Vessel – both be boats….

Our dedicated alchemical vessel, we craft this holy night, into which we then hop, and set sail… Our craft, “power from dedication,” likewise becomes our sturdy craft in the wild seas…

Winter Solstice recorded Thursday December 21st 6 pm pt/ 9pm et

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