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Caroline’s Visionary Activist Radio Show is a constantly evolving experiment in Radio Magic. Her show provides the Mythological News, the Themes of Now, and has as guests anyone with a piece of the puzzle for Dreaming, Conjuring and Implementing a more lovingly ingenious world.

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October 16, 2014

Stepping into the Center of the Storm

Climbing Poetree and Caroline Casey at BioneersStepping into the Center of the Storm
where Caroline convenes Fund Drive Show with Climbing Poetree, Naima Penniman and Alixa Garcia,
as we begin our Magnetizing Metaphor into Matter Tour

Visionary Activist Show – 10-16-2014

October 9, 2014

Nature’s Ingenuity Be our Prayer

bioneers2014Human Ingenuity willing to be guided by Nature’s Ingenuity Be our Prayer.

Caroline hosts Nina Simons and Kenny Ausubel, founders of Bioneers (25th anniversary) a Council of Ingenious Solutions at this Kairos moment in time.

Fund Drive- offering passes to Bioneers, tickets to Carolingian Talk, Carolingian Birthday Party 10.14 in Point Reyes, Plant Intelligence by Stephen Buhner.


Visionary Activist Show – 10-09-2014

October 2, 2014

Reverencing the Waters of Life, literal and economic

cover of Blue Mind by Wallace J. NicholsWallace J Nichols

Caroline hosts the return of Wallace J Nichols, author of “Blue Mind – the surprising Science that shows how being near,in,on, or under water can make you happier, healthier” whose book we are offering as an enticement to pledge to our Mothership KPFA, in our Refresh KPFA drive. Also offering 3 full conference passes to “The Economics of Sustainability Conference 10.6-10.9 Fort Mason, SF.


Visionary Activist Show – 10-02-2014

September 25, 2014

Mythic News of Now: The Return of Persephone

"Tired Wolf (it's Caroline!) kicks back at end of Climate March with long-time poet-ally Nick Adamski, the pollinating agent for Poetry Brothels…" photo by McCarty Baker

“Tired Wolf (it’s Caroline!) kicks back at end of Climate March
with long-time poet-ally Nick Adamski, the pollinating agent for Poetry Brothels…”
photo by McCarty Baker

Night Blooming Cereus be stronger than War

Beauty Poker: “Remember when life gives you demons – make demonade.” (Liz Sandford)

Caroline co-riffs with herself (The talk given on the night of the Equinox),
scouting reports from the Peoples Climate March, New Moon, anniversary of Neptune’s discovery 1846,
Pluto stationing…What must we die to lest we die from…and we welcome the return of Persephone.
Jupiter trining Uranus today, as though the back-stage gods are willing to help us out by increasing the field of serendipitous synchronicity.

Visionary Activist Show – 9-25-2014

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September 18, 2014

Eleusynian Equinox – Climate Woof by Women

rae abileah

Rae Abileah

osprey orielle lake

Osprey Orielle Lake


Sarah Bacon

Eleusynian Equinox –  Climate Woof by Women, that we may come into collaborative balance with the Earth.

“Million to one chances crop up 9 times out of 10, when your heart is dedicated.” – Granny Weatherwax
Liz Sandford: “remember when life gives you demons, make demonade!”

Caroline hosts:
Rae Abileah – Climate Ribbon Project

Osprey Orielle Lake – Women’s Earth and Climate Action Network

Sarah Bacon – Refugees International Center for Climate Displacement

Visionary Activist Show – 9-18-2014

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