Full Moon Hearings Summer Solstice proffering

  Summer Solstice audio feast, of Myth, Magic & Music   They being the incarnational garb whereby Power enters the World.   Beloved Accomplice Deborah Felmeth (cross-pollinating cultural agent betwixt Syria and Vermont, and more…)  and I are brewing our proffering... Monday, June 20th 9 pm eastern / 6 pm pacific   at our usual convening … [Read more...]

Astro Conference Cahoot (Free!)

Yo allies, tis a dangerous time, so let’s avail ourselves of all of our skills… and astrology is one of the great guiding meta-languages that loves to make all of us available to all of us; that our rogue species may re-join the Choreography of Creation… to be a participant (rather than a blight)…. in the nick o time….   Participatory … [Read more...]

Join us for One Trickster Council on 5.16.2022

[Read more...]

(11.03.20 Newsletter) Nothing is impossible if we paddle together! Co-Operators are Standing By! 

Nothing is impossible if we paddle together! Co-Operators are Standing By!  Election Day Vigil from 10am today, Tuesday, November 3rd until 10am, Wednesday, November 4th A Place of Refuge: Election Gathering, Camaraderie, Celebration, Expression "Election Day and Day-After offerings by master musicians, … [Read more...]

(10.27.20 Newsletter) Halloween Full Moon Election Radio w Star Hawk! & Honoring Halloween w Deborah Felmeth

Star Hawk will be my radio guest – this Waxing Halloween Full Moon election Thursday October 29th Visionary Activist Show, 2pm pt… All is gliding into place as we align with the opening portals of to and fro between worlds, maintaining dedicated dynamic effective calm, composting corruption into nutrient for democracy, that this country … [Read more...]

(10.08.20 Newsletter) Citizen Trickster Election Magic Council, Mythic News, Halloween woof

    "Sometimes the healing dose is close to the lethal dose” “Woo-hoo” says Pluto Citizen Trickster Participatory Election Magic Council  an experimental Convening begins October 13th, as Mercury stations- hee- … [Read more...]

(9.16.20 Newsletter) Equinox! Summer Signs Astro Specials · Election Magic Council

  Dark of Moon well-wishing, whereby to brew  the perigee New Moon Medicine, Diagnostic Discerning for Healing... Woo-hoo wild times, to convene all pragmatic mystics, public dreamers, Sane Reverent People, Culture Doctors, allies of Liberating Trickster! whereby to protect and quicken Democracy. Democratic … [Read more...]

(5.7.2020 Newsletter) Buddha’s Full Moon Awoooooo! Mythic News/Specials

Translating the Light of the Full Moon Night   This very early morning Taurus-Scorpio full Moon (chart below) is the Buddha’s Moon, when the Buddha was born, and the day he attained enlightenment with his back against the Bodhi-Tree.   A good time to sit with our spine against a tree, for this is … [Read more...]

(4.06.2020 Newsletter) Equinoctial Waxing Full Moon Tele*Coyote

Robin Hood and Merry Band on Magic Carpet!    be the image for this Equinoctial Waxing Full Moon,  at 18+Libra-1+Aries,  whose incarnational agents, Venus and Mars,  are in Grand Trine accord.   A descriptive disaster,  if we don’t gather to consider the liberating guiding… (gathering … [Read more...]

(03.02.2020 Newsletter) Mini-Mythic News · Tele*Coyote 3.2.20 · Quintile Special

Yo team, just sending to you all our Trickster Training Council mini-mythic news, guiding cahoot for tonight. For bemusement/amusement/encouragement all on its own... and with the opportunity until 3pm pst (6pm est) to join us tonight for a month for $72 (a quintile) Because the more the merrier the magic… Boundless Liberating … [Read more...]