Interdependence Day Ceremonial Radio Magic

Caroline welcomes Ron Kauk, denizen of Yosemite, one of the world’s great rock-climbers, who has transformed the “sport” into an Aikido of Intimacy, restoring our Connection to VALIS (Philip K Dick’s word: Vast active living intelligence system), mentoring all, with an especial dedication to incarcerated youth. That we all may align with the … [Read more...]

Mid-Summer Dark of Moon, Dire Beauty Radio

Mid-Summer Dark of Moon, Dire Beauty Radio Caroline hosts master rock climber, youth guide, citizen-denizen of Yosemite, Ron Kauk, reporting live from its smoldering smokiness, proffering necessary guiding from Nature, what the plants, animals, rocks, waterfalls of Yosemite would wish to convey to our species’ to extinguish our hyper-yang … [Read more...]

Dark of Moon Sacred Rok

At this Dark of the Moon, Caroline welcomes back denizen of Yosemite, Master Rock Climber and Nature Mentor, Ron Kauk, that “through Imagination Lost Opportunities may be Regained.” Ron is the author of “Spirit of the Rok,” “Letters from Sacred Rok," and “Voices from the Inside out,” about his work with bringing incarcerated youth to Yosemite. We … [Read more...]

Perigee New Moon Radio

Perigee New Moon in Gemini today - 'tis the Moon of Diaspora, sending forth Liberating Seed Ideas. Caroline welcomes back Ron Kauk, resident of Yosemite, one of the world’s leading rock climber’s, who has used his skill to guide incarcerated youth back to the healing embrace of Nature... {} Listen Here: Perigee New Moon … [Read more...]

Slow Down to Cool Out Conflagration: Yosemite-Syria Radio (Replay)

'Let Natural Facts be Social Strategy Metaphors.’ Replay of Caroline's ever pertinent interview with Ron Kauk, master rock climber, guide, mentor, long-time inhabitant of Yosemite, author of “Letters from Sacred Rok, Education Nature’s Way” & Deborah Felmeth, long-time ally of Syria. Next week Caroline will be back … [Read more...]