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image of Ron KaukPerigee New Moon in Gemini today – ’tis the Moon of Diaspora, sending forth Liberating Seed Ideas. Caroline welcomes back Ron Kauk, resident of Yosemite, one of the world’s leading rock climber’s, who has used his skill to guide incarcerated youth back to the healing embrace of Nature… {}

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Perigee New Moon Radio

KPFA is in Fund Drive today, so we will be offering Ron’s book

“Letters from Sacred Rok: Education Nature’s Way”
and also pairs of tickets to my Summer Solstice presentation: 
“Re-joining the Choreography of Creation in the Garden of Conscious Kinship”
Tis the wedding of all that’s been falsely estranged, that we humans may humbly co-operate with Nature’s Guiding Evolutionary Genius (aka Compassionate Trickster)
All moments in time await our dedication to animate the most desirable stories being so generously proffered to us by the guiding Sky-Earth Story…

7 pm June 21st 
Open Secret Bookstore
923 C street 
San Rafael California 94901

as magnetizing pledge incentives!

(and if those 5 pairs of tickets get snarfed up on air,
everyone welcome to attend, reservations can be made at 415-457-4191, more information)

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