Agent of Equilibrium

May those of us, not under immediate pressure of violence, agony and grief, conjure back-stage atmospheric support – for those who are.   Caroline hosts denizen of Yosemite, Ron Kauk, born on Autumnal Equinox, as agent of Equilibrium, and the Taoist Rain-bringer, legendary rock-climber and Mentoring youth back to participatory kinship with … [Read more...]

All Natural Facts be social strategy metaphors

Caroline welcomes the return of Ron Kauk, Coyote Network News Yosemite Bureau Chief to co-animate Jupiter & Uranus stationing, the desirable vision…of re-designing the entire educational & Justice systems….to be in accord with Nature’s Guiding Genius. Biomimicry schooling, bio-mimicry Justice etc. Ron in more … [Read more...]

Power of effective dedication ~ Saturn stationing

Caroline welcomes denizen of Yosemite, Ron Kauk, who lives in El Portal, the doorway, which is deft because today we get to open portals between worlds, to suffuse the memosphere with sane reverent common sense. “Ron Kauk is a legendary Yosemite climber. He recently received a Lifetime Achievement Award for his many accomplishments, within and … [Read more...]

Inaugurating the Desirable Guiding Story

  Steady strategy for navigating the swirling story river of now, Caroline hosts among the calmest, steadiest of allies, Ron Kauk, denizen of Yosemite, one of the world’s most renowned rock climbers, mentoring youth in challenging circumstance to re-connect with the supportive embrace of Wild Nature… author of "Spirit of the Rock,” and … [Read more...]


  Partnering with the Guiding Vitality of emergent Nature - Caroline welcomes legendary rock climber, Nature Mentor, denizen of Yosemite, Ron Kauk, to proffer guiding scouting reports:The Good News Channel, that we all be guided to re-designing human culture. Because there is no “normal” to which to … [Read more...]