Honoring Nature as our primary teacher

Caroline welcomes world renowned rock climber and Nature guide, Emissary from Yosemite, ally, Ron Kauk, whose beautiful book, Voices from the Inside Out, delineates the dedication of the Bear Creek Academy Mission Impossible, Dept of Probation, with Sacred Rok foundation to guide incarcerated youth back to freedom through intimacy with Nature. … [Read more...]

All War is a Failure of Imagination

Let Natural Facts Be Social Strategy Metaphors. Today's replay of last week's radio "Cooling out Conflagration: Yosemite-Syria Radio." Both the fire and the chemical weapons attack happened on 8.21. All is conversing, natural facts providing social strategy, metaphors. www.SacredRok.org Listen Now … [Read more...]

Slow Down to Cool Out Conflagration: Yosemite-Syria Radio

Let Natural Facts Be Social Strategy Metaphors. Caroline hosts Ron Kauk, master rock climber, guide, mentor, long-time inhabitant of Yosemite, author of "Letters from Sacred Rok, Education Nature's Way." And long-time ally Deborah Felmeth, loving ally of Syria www.SacredRok.org Listen Now … [Read more...]