Interdependence Day Ceremonial Radio Magic

Caroline welcomes Ron Kauk, denizen of Yosemite, one of the world’s great rock-climbers, who has transformed the “sport” into an Aikido of Intimacy, restoring our Connection to VALIS (Philip K Dick’s word: Vast active living intelligence system), mentoring all, with an especial dedication to incarcerated youth. That we all may align with the Trickster Magic of Democratic Animism, declaring our willingness to re-join the choreography of creation. The Dance of Interdependence at this time of Dire Beauty. Tanks in DC, concentration camps on the border. Beauty and Cruelty – neck & neck- We’re betting on Beauty.


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“Interdependence Day Ceremonial Radio Magic”

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  1. Congrats on hosting Ron Kauk! Great voice and message!

  2. Susan E Smith says

    Please post the beautiful essay by Margaret Curry that Ron Kauk read on today’s show.
    Thank you

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