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Saturday, March 26, 2016
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Trickster Medicine & Astrological Magic:

Becoming an Agent for Liberation
​​​​​​​& a Co-operator with Nature’s Guiding Genius.

On Saturday, March 26, the day before Easter, Saturn stationing, (“Internal dedication magnetizes external opportunity”) Caroline Casey, will further animate Trickster, who liberates us from doom and gloom during this FREE online event.

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When we ally with Trickster, we free up creative life force within us, and that’s when you can affect REAL change in the world.

Spiritual seekers, veteran activists, and curious evolutionaries, all are welcome. Encouraging our willingness to co-cavort with me on a path to a more magical world, where it’s politics as unusual and the future is much, much brighter…

Tuesday, March 22, 2016
Open Secret, San Rafael CA
Lunar Eclipse Eve - Woo-Hoo- Electing Flora-Fauna

Caroline Casey returns at last! to animate:

Vernal Lunar Eclipse astro*politico*mytho*rousing* rollicking guiding meta-story
The strategy of Spring

Tuesday March 22nd
7:00 pm

Calling all who would be agents of Medicine Stories,
bringing fresh voices to old wisdom…

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Sunday, March 20, 2016
Commonweal, Bolinas CA
Vernal Eclipse Scheherezade Convening Trickster Medicine Story-Telling


Caroline’s 2016 Vernal Equinox Recording is now available

March 20, 2016
Commonweal Gallery, Bolinas, CA

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Vernal Eclipse Palm Sunday – Venus-Neptune fantastic romance in Pisces (exalted and all)

(note to all melancholics – you can have just as much melancholy as makes you a genius)

Scheherezade Convening Trickster Medicine Story-Telling Council Tea

The world is raging – so let’s bee the balm!

Cahoot with Caroline Casey as she presents astro*mytho*politico navigational guidance for the wild ride ahead

Mythological campaign coverage! and ways to be ethically magically effective. The purpose of ritual magic is to spiral into the memosphere expanded wisdom and tolerance.

Trickster queries “what qualities shall we cultivate to be “skookum”- (“connected to the spirits and completely competent for the tasks at hand?”) to “dree our weird” (“play our role in Destiny”)

The more the merrier the magic!

Saturday, March 19, 2016
Call of the Forest Conference

Call of the Forest ConferenceI will be attending, and invited to contribute a short tale at the very end of a very long beautiful day. 

March 19th

Point Reyes Call of the Forest Conference


I hosted 3 of their presenters on radio, Diana Beresford-Kroeger, Brock Dolman, Betsy Damon, in which we touted the conference into “sold out.” They have a waiting list.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016 - Wednesday, March 16, 2016
This is a Virtual Event
Trickster Shift - 7 Week Live Course


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Trickster Medicine

the world is raging – so let’s be the balm!

Way of the Trickster is a seven week online course that runs from February 3rd thru March 16th. It will be broadcast live every Wednesday at 5pm pacific time for 90 minutes. If you can’t make the live call that’s not a problem because you will be sent recordings of each session as well as pdf transcripts of each session (Transcripts – Holy Moly!)

Registration is open through February 17, 2016. So Jump on in.

(I have a kinned affection for those who skid in “late”.)

The Time of Trickster is now!

Within each of us is a unique, ingenious, original, defiant, playful coyote, with whom we are willing to cahoot.
astro*mytho*politico navigational guidance for the wild ride ahead
Lotus rising out of mud- Mid-Winter to Spring-time.
Time to cultivate our unique ingenious, resilient, loves against-all -odds self!

Trickster queries “what qualities shall we cultivate to be “skookum”- (“connected to the spirits and completely competent for the tasks at hand?”) to “dree our weird” (“play our role in Destiny”)

We respond in our seven stages of Coyote Council, whereby to deduce, dedicate (Saturn) , cultivate, magnetize (Venus) , animate (Mars), and contribute (Jupiter) our considerable gifts to the world – at this time of Dire Beauty.
All be an experiment.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016
This is a Virtual Event
Trickster Shift - Free Replay of Call!

A free on-line event!

Saturday, January 23, 2016
10am PT / 1pm ET / 7pm CET

Trickster Medicine:
Liberating Self – Liberating World​

Register for this free event here!
Caroline Casey 2015I am partnering with the Shift Network, for this free call, followed by a seven week virtual course (via phone or web, and recorded for those that can’t make the live cahoot)
Wednesdays 5 pm PT, 8 pm ET

Magnetizing a wildly diverse council (of guides: political, permaculture, economic, spiritual, fairy tale, enneagram, cross-dressing Rabbis, Feminist Imams, astrologers, scientific secularists, smattering of conservatives.) Differences make things happen.

Join us, to animate
Sane Reverence Assuming Cultural Narrative Lead

Better a Trickster than a Martyr Be!

Let’s become more effective Renaissance participants by metabolizing family and cultural toxins-with Trickster help!


Monday, December 21, 2015
This is a Virtual Event
Solstice Reverie: Lighting Fires At this Time of Dire Beauty and Necessary Miracles


Fellow Aspiring Agents for the
Compassionate Trickster Within Us All
at this Solstice Time of Dire Beauty etc.

The Venusian Trickster Redeemer is eager for incarnational invitation to bound onto the world stage. Uranus (Ingenuity Intelligence) stations from inward to outward on Full Moon Christmas Day.

The Magi call out – “it’s a girl!”

“What quality of this adventure would we like to cultivate in our dedicated hearts?”- the back-stage gods would like to know.

Trickster Training Council
Recorded on the Winter Solstice
December 21, 2015

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Friday, December 18, 2015
The Institute for Spiritual Development, Washington DC
Home-town DC live event to honor the Winter Solstice - Recording

Dangerous in a Good Way
The Better a Trickster than a Martyr Solstice Cahoot

solstice fairies

Caroline W Casey presenting
a rare home-town DC live event
to honor the Winter Solstice

Recorded: Friday December 18th 

2015 Winter Solstice

with great Irish Music:
the duo of Tina Eck and Keith Carr: Lilt (providing, depth and rousing up-lift)
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Friday, October 16, 2015
Marin Center, San Rafael CA
Bioneers 2015 - Scheherazade Is the Earth: Inaugurating Trickster’s Guiding Cultural Meta-Story


Scheherazade is the quintessential Compassionate Trickster Redeemer, animating the power of the woman storyteller to liberate all women, the land, and even the tyrant who has hardened his heart. She guides us all to wed the Earth. On this night, we cahoot with the mythological ancestors for a rousing evening of astro*mytho*politico story. Animating, magnetizing, and spiraling forth into the memosphere the irresistible all-inclusive invitation to a Renaissance of Reverent Ingenuity Rising from the Rubble…

With Amikaeyla Gaston,
and a special contribution
from ally David Grimes
Caroline and Ami at Bioneers 2015Recording now available, download now!

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Tuesday, September 22, 2015
Open Secret Bookstore, San Rafael CA
Fall Equinox Evening with Caroline Casey

to cahoot with emergent Venus, bounding onto world stage on her
Change of Hearts Tour

astro*mytho*meta*guiding narrative for now!
We are electing a story…

Recording Now Available!!!

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recorded Tuesday September 22

In San Rafael, CA


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