Guiding Meta-Narrative Strategy (Solstice)

25 Jun 2018

Trickster Training

Solstice Council


To re-re-re affirm that

Kinned Beauty is

Stronger than tyranny!


Caroline weaves the Astro*Mytho*Politico

Themes of Now, and Guiding Meta*Narrative Strategy

to Spiral out of Polarity and into Accord.


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Recorded Live in Group Council on

Monday June 25th

1.5 Hour Live Virtual Event with Caroline W. Casey



Let us gather, a Summer Solstice address,

the guiding meta-narrative strategy,

followed by a council of query and blessing,

and together practice spiraling out of polarity…


Our outrage, that is initially natural and necessary,

then wants us to work it, lest we feed the dementors…


This is a worthy group practice…

Let grief be a catalyst for effective action…


May it be a moral-spiritual tipping point.



 Terry Pratchett says, “Magic is easy, find the fulcrum and push…”








Occasionally, Caroline throws open the doors to her Trickster Training Council,

aka the Compassionate Trickster Experimental Juju Mystery School,

(which convenes every Monday night 6 pm pt, 9 pm et)

to all those dedicated to being agents of dynamic beauty

in the world at this time of Dire Beauty…

Join the Council! 

$200/3 months of weekly calls, charts and themes


  1. Meghan Dwyer says

    I’d like to have a deeper dive into your training. Do you offer these in person to connect on subtle energetic levels too?

  2. Doreen Siracusano says

    Thank you Caroline & everyone! May we all be happy & free.

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