‘Call to Love’ Dance Retreat in Turkey

6 Jun 2018


Turkey! “A Call to Lovers!”- 


Yo Team,
I am co-cahooting with
Fantabulous Sufic Dance ally, Banafsheh,
contributing the astro*mythic guiding meta-story
to her most alluring dance journey to Turkey, June 8th-14th,
(with a possible additional trip to Ephesus.)

When you register, make sure to note to Banafsheh, that you are signing up through me…


This journey will convene at Dark of Moon.

Uranus will have entered Taurus, the realm of Gaia herself, quickening, and eager for us to re-join the on-going Choreography of Creation.

And Uranus will be trining Saturn, that we be disciplined wild people, embodying and dancing our desires into being… for ourselves and the world…

We don’t source power, we invite it, by offering a magnetizing template – in this case – our bodies.

Saturn’s image will be “Heavily veiled Hierophant, seized byt the Divine, leads a powerful ritual,” why not, tis the container for Uranus’ animistic sensual sizzle, whose image will be, “An electrical storm illumines the skies and forests.”

We be the grounding for the sizzle….

Also, for bonus points, Jupiter and Neptune will be trining: all the metaphors, myths and music that have ever moved humans to Conscious Kinship, are here now! awaiting fresh expression through each of our unique selves…

I have always loved Middle Eastern Dancing, but have been a recidivist, and am now enthused by this journey to spiral back in…and Banifsheh is one of the best, most trust-worthy teachers of Spiritual Dance that I know…Each day I will provide the astro*mytho meta guiding story, that we may dance it into being, via Banafsheh’s guiding….While being at a great luxury hotel, with hot springs, 20 minutes from the Black Sea beach…with wonderful people…


Calling all lovers!

Dance of Oneness®: 

Call to Love
7 day dance retreat in Turkey
June 8-14
“Banafsheh is a true inspiration as mentor and the embodiment of the divine feminine. She is truly beautiful divine human being. I came out of the workshop with powerful tools to accompany me on my path and share with others.”
Ginou Choueiri

Dance of Oneness®: 

Call to Love
7-day dance retreat June 8-14
Mutlu Baba Cultural Center, Gokcedere, Yalova, Turkey
Call to Love is really a call to truly live! Let this call inspire you and open your being to what can live in you and through you in this time of great need and potential. With peaceful groundedness, sovereign embodiment and passionate engagement, move, dance and whirl to love’s intoxicating yet lucid power. Transform fatigue, depression or anxiety into lasting exuberance, joy and serenity as you put love in action in your life! Cultivate the strength to persevere in love in these times of great turmoil and rapid change in community with like-minded and like-hearted people.


Our setting is a Sufi/Darvish House or Dergah in the beautiful, quaint village of Gokcedere, a true tavern of love, beyond any particular religion and open to all lovers. Our days are balanced with guided and free-style dance, whirling, Sufi teachings, astro-mythology (via Caroline Casey!) live music, yoga, chanting, meditation, sharing, ample breaks, soaking in the natural hot springs, and the chance to explore individually the beautiful beaches, villages and sites of Turkey’s exquisite Marmara region.


Mixed Levels. Suitable for people with some background in movement or dance as well as trained dancers, yoga and other movement practitioners. The only pre-requisite is a desire to connect your mind, body and spirit through movement. This retreat fulfills 30 hours towards the 200/400-hr Dance of Oneness® Certification Program.


Details on travel, lodging, logistics and what to bring can be found here.


Tuition including lodging:
Dergah Communal Lodging: $950
Hotel Double Room Lodging: $1260
Hotel Single Room Lodging $1456
Special discounted work/study rates in dergah lodging available for residents of Turkey and Iran, and others in need. Email for more info


Two steps to register:
1. Purchase tuition by scrolling down toward the bottom of the web event
2. Sign the Terms of Agreement and return via email as an attached file or photo of the signed terms.
Questions regarding registration and work/study: +1 310 499-7100 | Email
Questions regarding lodging: Email

Let’s imagine the Confluencing of All Allies…

“Whatever we do for ourselves grants us the spiritual muscle tone, to do such in world.”


  1. Naomi Woodspring says

    Hello again,

    I emailed a bit ago about lodging for the dance retreat.

    I just saw the option of Dergah Communal Lodging. What is this? Is it part of the hotel or separate lodging?

    Thanks much.

    • Eryn Alloway says

      Hi Naomi,

      I’m sending on your email to infocoyotenetworknews(.)com and infobanafsheh(.)org to bring you more information about lodging and joining. woof*woof!

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