Pre-Eclipse Radio

We’re in the Dark o Moon field of April 8th’s eclipse,

traditionally a time of laying low, convening back-stage to guide the course of culture….

(Today’s radio guest, unavailable at the last minute, Caroline flys solo, weaving the themes of now) Tis a fluctuating quirky pre-eclipse shadowy field in which we be navigating….

So let’s work with it…

Tomorrow, Eclipse magic for dangerous times, Caroline will be joined by the indefatigable Diane Wilson for Eclipse Texas Zoom Council (join by donation) at 2pm eastern / 11am pacific:


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“Pre-Eclipse Radio”

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  1. Hi Caroline … opening to emptiness now … may meaningless noise and confusion be eclipsed by potent silence and clarity …
    … thank you for sharing invitation – participating via the ether … peace, love, truth, fresh air, clean waters, fertile earth, good health … all of that and more to you – and all ….

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