Redemptive Thanksgiving of spiraling Blessings


Redemptive Thanksgiving of spiraling Blessings out into the World…

Caroline, with some great music, reminds us that Thanksgiving not just a hallmark card smiley face on top of colonial destruction of Indigenous people and their kinship with Flora Fauna Fungi, but tis astrologically timed as first Thursday ( Jupiter’s Day) after Sun enters Sagittarius =Jupiter’s sign.. So tis an assignment to engage in blessing… for every humbling horror in world we gather to animate the antidote blessing… that lays the path for tangible good to unfurl….



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“Redemptive Thanksgiving of spiraling Blessings”

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  1. Caroline’s insightful perspective on Thanksgiving as a redemptive act, beautifully woven with music and astrological wisdom, encourages us to embrace gratitude as a powerful antidote, fostering tangible goodness amidst the complexities of the world.

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