Women in Greek Mythography

Waxing Full Moon
Awooooh- welcoming Max Dashu, honoring her deep delving deft – resonant, latest book
Women in Greek Mythography: Pythias, Melissae and Titanides
excavating liberating counter narratives to orthodoxy….

“This richly illustrated ethno-historical sourcebook uncovers what they didn’t teach us about women in Greek myth, including pre-patriarchal cosmogonies of the titanides (female titans); women’s dance and ceremony, shapeshifting, Gorgons. How patriarchy transformed the goddesses over time.”

Max Dashu has been restoring women & women’s history to cultural memory, political analysis, spiritual awareness since 1970. Through the Suppressed Histories Archives and her books she provides global perspectives, across the expanse of time, on the cultural record, from rock art, archaeology, Indigenous orature, written records, all testimony woven into an ever expanding collection.

Max Dashu, Suppressed Histories Archives www.suppressedhistories.net
Books, dvds, posters from Veleda Press: www.veleda.net


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“Women in Greek Mythography”

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