Inaugurating the Desirable Guiding Story

Steady strategy for navigating the swirling story river of now, Caroline hosts among the calmest, steadiest of allies, Ron Kauk, denizen of Yosemite,
one of the world’s most renowned rock climbers, mentoring youth in challenging circumstance to re-connect with the supportive embrace of Wild Nature… author of “Spirit of the Rock,” and “Letters from the Sacred.”

“Ron draws from his wide range of experiences in climbing, which include bouldering (first ascent of Midnight Lightning), long routes (first free ascent of Astroman), and mountaineering (first ascent East Face of Uli Biaho, Pakistan). Ron formed a vision from these experiences, which he turned into Sacred Rok, a nonprofit that seeks the wisdom of nature’s way, bringing young people into the world of Yosemite.”

·Produced Return to Balance: A Climber’s Journey (with Sterling Johnson), which appeared on PBS

·Founded non-profit Sacred Rok, to bring young people into the world of Yosemite

that we may engage in radio magic Inaugurating the Desirable Guiding Story.

Patagonia Ambassador Bio

Sacred Rok

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“Inaugurating the Desirable Guiding Story”

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  1. May we all participate in the life, not as visitors, but because we belong here. I have already voted my choice. May my Guardians, Angels, Ancestors hear my voice and heart.
    May it be so. Love always,
    Maxine Thomas (Mackie Green) 😍

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