All Natural Facts be social strategy metaphors

Caroline welcomes the return of Ron Kauk, Coyote Network News Yosemite Bureau Chief
to co-animate Jupiter & Uranus stationing, the desirable vision…of
re-designing the entire educational & Justice systems….to be in accord with Nature’s Guiding Genius.
Biomimicry schooling, bio-mimicry Justice etc.

Ron in more recent years has been working to express his appreciation for Yosemite. He has actively engaged with the Native American community which rightfully has a spiritual and historical connection to Yosemite. He worked on a project to restore Fern Spring as a beautiful and unlittered location where entry into Yosemite Valley can be celebrated by communing with its pristine water. And he has spent the summers as a volunteer in the Tuolumne Meadows campground supplying firewood for ranger camp, organizing cleanups, and reminding visitors through countless conversations about the beauty of Yosemite.

During the summers at Tuolumne Meadows, Ron visits his many familiar climbs and boulders, renewing his appreciation for each and every crack, knob, and glacier-polished surface that represents the etchings of geology. He is like a scholar reading ancient manuscripts, looking for undeciphered references and hidden meanings. He smells the wind, appreciates the thunderstorms, the sun, and the flow of the cascading rivers. Our awareness of these elements is the key to our understanding of the human condition. Life and nature are great teachers and offer many paths to insight, inspiration and appreciation. For Ron, it is a simple summary: “Take care of nature, and nature will take care of you.”


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“All Natural Facts be social strategy metaphors”

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