Antidote to Inquisition

Caroline welcomes back Max Dashu, great scholar*activist*authority*guide on women’s woof and Inquisitional suppression, and our un-cringing anti-dotes available. Max Dashu is the founder of the Women’s Suppressed Histories Archives and is an expert in ancient female iconography in world archaeology; female spheres of … [Read more...]

Caroline Welcomes Back Max Dashu

Diving into the Dark Mythic Mystery Realms of reverent intimate cahooting with Nature... Caroline welcomes part 2 the return of Max Dashu, author of Witches and Pagans: Women in European Folk Religion New from Veleda Press: Listen here: Caroline Welcomes Back Max Dashu Part 1 is here … [Read more...]

Caroline Hosts Max Dashu

Caroline welcomes Max Dashu (historian, author and artist), offering her fantabulous book as a pledge enticement. Witches and Pagans: Women in European Folk Religion Swa wiccan taeca∂° ::: "€œas the witches teach"€ ... So an Old English scribe let us know that witches counseled the people to "bring their offerings to earth-fast stone, … [Read more...]