Ukrainian Earth Story Trickster Magic

Ukrainian Earth Story Trickster Magic: A rollicking, playful, witty, raucous profound rambling cahoot betwixt Caroline and Max Dashu, Keeper of Suppressed Histories Archives, erudite fabtabulous history mythic scholar guide, as we delve into the deep magic of the Slavic world, the animism of Ukraine, how it hums everywhere. Chernobyl means … [Read more...]

Full Moon completes Inauguration

Caroline welcomes the return of scholar ally Max Dashu, whereby to animate the Astro Guiding meta narrative…. Venus-Pluto in Capricorn, convening the Grand Mother Ancestors... Human, plant, animal…   "Max Dashu founded the Suppressed Histories Archives in January of 1970 to research and document women's history on a global scale. She … [Read more...]

Witches and Wizards for Democracy

Caroline welcomes brilliant scholar of Women’s Magic, Max Dashu, historian, artist, and author of Witches and Pagans: Women in European Folk Religion, that we may invite all metabolizers of poison, composters of corruption, to preside over this cuckoo time, as we all brew New Moon Equinoctial … [Read more...]

Suppressed (Until Now!) Histories Archive

Caroline welcomes the return of Max Dashu, that we may partner with everything to compost the war on life — as nutrient to grow a culture of sane, reverent ingenuity, "a wonderful life for the children of all species." "Max founded the Suppressed Histories Archives in January of 1970 to document women's history and heritages around the world and … [Read more...]

Day of the Dead Election Radio

Caroline hosts two of the most deeply informed Medicine women she knows - Micah Nilsson, pragmatic mystic keeper of plant medicine, and Max Dashu, retriever and animator of the lost lore of Women’s Wisdom, that we may gather our wits, compost dread, and chicanery, ladle out calm, confidence, invoke Liberating Trickster, who likes “against all … [Read more...]