Ukrainian Earth Story Trickster Magic

Ukrainian Earth Story Trickster Magic:
A rollicking, playful, witty, raucous profound rambling cahoot betwixt Caroline and Max Dashu, Keeper of Suppressed Histories Archives, erudite fabtabulous history mythic scholar guide, as we delve into the deep magic of the Slavic world, the animism of Ukraine, how it hums everywhere. Chernobyl means mugwort.
“Servant of the People”- Zelensky’s tv chow – magic… Power of story…Free-rambling pertinence…
Max Dashu founded the Suppressed Histories Archives in January of 1970 to research and document women’s history on a global scale. Dashu is internationally known for her expertise on ancient female iconography in world archaeology; female spheres of power and matricultures; patriarchies and allied systems of domination; medicine women, female shamans, witches, and witch hunts.
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“Ukrainian Earth Story Trickster Magic”

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