Citizen Trickster Magic Renaissance Council

13 Oct 2020

Citizen Trickster Participatory Election Magic Renaissance Council


Applications considered

limited number of enrollees..
and looking for applications,
as this will be a squosh different Saturn venue
than the on-going jaunty, free-wheeling Trickster Council
just show up on-going worthy cahoot.


11 weeks · Tuesdays · 4pm pacific / 7pm eastern · *starts October 13th!*



To apply:

Send a “woof*woof*wanna*play note if up for this level of ritual fun, homework play, council gathering, dedicating to being agents of cool response in a hot reactive world. (Birth data welcome)


Willing to dedicate to:
·Linguistic Sufi Aikido
·Story Metaphor Blessing Craft
·Democratic Animism


Email Caroline your Application

First the Goat Boat to Shore,

then we get in the Van!


Participatory Election Magic
Renaissance Council 


I will be convening every Tuesday
Beginning October 13th (as Mercury stations!)
going til Tuesday December 22nd…
(with an iridescent spider strand to the Inauguration.)

by Zoom, because many charts to present,
and actual counciling

Dusting off all pertinent guiding
from our life journey…as we be…

Dion Fortune’s book
“The Magical Battle of Britain,”
is a useful contributing text.

As is Mary Trump’s book on audible.
“Too Much and Never Enough,”
that we may diagnose the spell
in order to dissolve the toxic trance..

The cruel tyranny virus has locked into
an uninitiated part of the American psyche,
that yearns, as do we all, for a story of belonging
and contributing.

We craft and invite the authentic,
to supplant the toxic mimic…


Dion Fortune was engaged by the British Gov
to convene the ritualists of Britain to ritually,
magically protect Britain from the Nazis.

Humming now.

They did homework, practices, private ritual each week,
agreed upon by all, and then a coordinated time
when they would all together spiral forth into actuality.

The angelic patrols, for instance.

And so shall we…

The chart so hopping alive with its purpose, wants to happen.

Trickster Genius opposite Mercury 9 Scorpio,
America’s secret soul (“fellowship supper reunites old comrades.”)

Hums the Gettysburg address,
that hovers over this election, on-going till November 19th…

details in Equinox address

“That government by the people,
for the people shall not perish from this Earth.”


Who wants to dance with Genius for Greater Good?!

Woof*Woof*Wanna*Play?! be our default setting…

and as Bre’r Grimes quips:
“If we’re not having fun – we’re just not serious enough.”

And we can customize the charts
with the time zones of participants…

Twill be an astrologically guided journey.
Familiarity with the language is wonderful.
Professionals be joining.
And not knowing – yet- completely fine.

Zodiac at Dendera



  1. kay ritchey says

    I am with you in spirit in convening your council. May the goddesses shine light upon you and bless your meeting.

  2. Judy McClure says

    May you spiral forth the good for all.

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