Equinox Eve Council

21 Sep 2020

Equinox Eve Council 

September 21st, 2020



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Caroline W Casey 
in cahoots (since early 1990’s) with Amikaeyla Gaston

(who has been the singer of Oya de,
intro for the Visionary Activist show for 24 years!
frequent Bioneers collaborator)

Drummer, songstress for invoking the Orishas,
the Living Intelligences of Nature, who are eager
to partner with us at this time of Dire Beauty.

Beauty and Cruelty – neck and neck
– we’re betting on Beauty!

Metaphors and Music are the Incarnational Garb
whereby Power enters the World!

“May the Equinoctial Winds of Democracy
Sweep Away All Delusion!”

Oya, whirls her horse-tail whip,
and summons the winds of change.

This Equinox Eve
we step into the Center of the Storm,
to participate and guide,

rather than whacked around the perimeter of Hurrican…
(from Mayan, Hurrican, originating creative chaos god…)

Resonant with Ho’o’pono pono –
cooking everything back to its originating authenticity,
before conditioned, inquisitioned, bamboozled,
in order to set it and us free…

Time for deep delving
deliberate dedication to democracy
because it’s dangerous.

And inner dedication magnetizes outward opportunity.


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  1. Hi is this event online or in person? Kind regards, Sophia.

  2. Love what you’re doing, the price is too high for me; sending my support through the mists to join in in spirit. 🙏💕

  3. S. Lydia Shiozaki says

    Hello! So I went through Paypal. Do I need a link or a PW to attend the event? Thank you for all you do! Your radio show this week was so, so heartening – thank you!

  4. Hi – I registered late last night for tonight‘s Equinox Eve Council but I did not receive a link to join. Should I expect an email link to join?

    Thanks so much, Lisa

  5. Waiting for event email. Paid on Pay Pal. Thanks!

  6. Can’t figure out where on this it says join after we paid

  7. Oh I only received the email yesterday and with the time difference, I was in bed.. blessings.. Is there a recording we can purchase at a lower price? I’ve just lost my job.
    Thank you, much light to the community

  8. Sue Lynn Johnson says

    Will you be offering the equinox-eve-council for download after the event? I really don’t want to miss out. Thank you -)

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