Winter Solstice 2023

21 Dec 2023

Winter Solstice



Caroline Casey, astro-mythologist, entheo anarcho animist  

and Amikaeyla Gaston, chanteuse, chantress, enchantress, drummer- invoker of the Orishas, living Intelligences of Nature…. 

Winter Solstice

Recorded Thursday December 21st 6 pm pt/ 9pm et


by donation….

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What a year to give to

this Night of Necessary Miracles

“The longest Nights- the wheel is turning – what will we give to the night?”

and what reciprocal blessings shall we ladle out of the Solstice cauldron – to prepare for the dangerous, worthy adventure that is coming for us…

As the astrologer, (as well as poet) Rumi  said “when fate and strife cross in the heavens – you cannot escape. Your only hope is to dance towards its embrace!”

to Craft our Vessel – both be boats….

Our dedicated alchemical vessel, we craft this holy night,  into which we then hop, and set sail…

Our craft, “power from dedication,” likewise becomes our sturdy craft in the wild seas…



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  1. Bill Shuyler says

    Dear Carolingians: Will the Winter Solstice 2023 event be zoom only, or might there be a live, locally-embodied event which a (mostly corporeal) person could physically attend? With best wishes to Caroline and all her cahooters, Bill Shuyler (solstice boy)

    • Eryn Alloway says

      Hi Bill,
      Thanks for checking in! We are just zooming this time, would be great to have in-person ritual soon … putting this on the altar of desirable things

      • Bill Shuyler says

        Thanks for your reply, Eryn. I am looking forward to the Zoomation. I do have a question: will the Zoom be available for viewing later — in case one (who has paid and registered) is not able to be in front of a computer at the precisely appointed hours? Thanks again — Bill

  2. Hi Caroline,
    Jen and I will join your wonderful cohorts on zoom 12/21. We would love to see you if you have time and are in town.. We live just up the road off Seven Locks and Tuckerman. and could meet you for tea or a smoke or whatever is good for all. With love, Deborah (Deborah Kleiner Ward) 240-401-8627

  3. I’d like to send donation by check. Don’t use Paypal for many reasons. Thank you.

  4. Hi There —
    I can’t find a Zoon link.
    PayPal Transaction ID 9DV671872P587345E
    Paid on 12/19/23
    Thanks —

  5. I can’t see the Zoom link either….

  6. Laurie Steese says

    I would like to pay by check please how to ? from Laurie California Water dragon

  7. Randee Vasilakos says

    I would like to pay by check. Please send info
    Please send Zoom link

  8. Happy solstice everyone I wish I could join in. I paid $50 to join the event tonight but I still don’t have a zoom link I have emailed and replied and asked again and again but I don’t have a link to get to what I paid $50 for Hapi. Thanks a lot.

  9. adrienne amundsen says

    Hi there—
    ‘Fraid I paid late…
    Can I get the archived solstice event? Please?
    Thank you,

  10. Eryn Alloway says

    Greetings all wonderful allies!
    I hope my emails have reached you all and you were able to join us live last night. Replay has just gone out to all.

    Best way to reach me is always Emailing

    And check address ~ for future reference
    Check payable to: Caroline W. Casey
    Sent to: Coyote Network News, P.O. Box 94, Cabin John, MD 20818, USA

    Thank you! Yeah!

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