Winter Solstice Radio

Caroline plays a portion of her recent Winter Solstice Council.

Winter Solstice 2019

The show with triumphant for greater good, fellow Libran,
Diane Wilson, has been re-scheduled for January 2nd.

Great way to start the year, with that quality of effective woof.
Won her law suit against Formosa Plastics:

“It “feels like justice,” said Wilson in early December when a federal district judge OK’d a $50 million pollution settlement against Formosa Plastics Corporation. Judge Kenneth Hoyt, a Ronald Reagan appointee, had previously ruled that the Taiwan plastics conglomerate was a “serial offender” whose violations of America’s Clean Water Act were “extensive, historical, and repetitive.” How the case got there is as important as his ruling.

Wilson, the indefatigable local shrimper, had been trying for some 30 years to get state and national officials to stop Formosa from dumping poisonous plastic chemicals into the Lavaca Bay ecosystem.

AlterNet ‘Can ‘powerless nobodies’ fight the corporate powers?’
by Jim Hightower

The recording of the whole Solstice presentation,
in its powerful humble effective magic manner,
is available here.

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