Winter Solstice Celebration 2019

20 Dec 2019

Institute for Spiritual Development
5419 Sherier Place
Washington, DC

Whewee! What a Year to toss into the Cauldron
and Ladle out the necessary encouraging jaunty woof! Medicine
we need for the adventure ahead…


Winter Solstice Celebration

with astro*mytho* Maven Caroline Casey

 $20 ~ Purchase!

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Recorded live:

Friday December 20, 2019
7:00 pm

Institute for Spiritual Development
Washington, DC


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  1. Donna L Graham says

    How I wish I could be present to see and hear you! Will make noise at 7 PM and think myself there!
    Send you much love,

  2. Will this be available online to liberating trickster cahooters from afar, such as Costa Rica? 🐒🌴💚

  3. Beau Rainbowarrior says

    Thanks, Caroline, for all of your love and healing energy being invoked into the collective consciousness and throughout the world. Transformation is possible, we need to keep reminding ourselves and remembering who we really are, acting from that deep center and joining with others in love and determination, music, art and all the gifts that we can bring….
    Blessings to you and all beings, and continued healing to you in your personal journey,

  4. Karen dibenedetto says

    Thank you so much for the Powerful Event..beautiful event..when will you have this available online?

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