The Hofeller Files – Trickster be afoot!

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Stephanie Hofeller will be my radio guest today!

That we may all engage in Liberating Cultural High Jinx! Waxing Lunar Eclipse, as Uranus – Trickster revelatory keeper of democracy, and Eris- goddess of disrupting the up-to-no-good, be stationing to bound onto stage.

Anything can happen & it must!


Stephanie Hofeller
Link to my drive is on,
“Stephanie’s Copy” is hypertext.

Check it out, download it, put it on the wall, stomp on it, sacrifice it to the god of your choice, make art, make noise, have fun!


VICE article: The Anarchist Daughter of the GOP’s Gerrymandering Mastermind Just Dumped His Maps and Files on Google Drive



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“The Hofeller Files – Trickster be afoot!”

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