Slavic Deities


Honoring the Indigenous Intelligences of the Slavic Deities, Caroline welcomes Patricia Robin Woodruff

author of “Woodruff’s Guide to Slavic Deities,” & “Slavic Magic Moon Meditations”
regarding tonight’s New Moon after Equinox,
the Birch Moon, “the Birch is the world tree that connects the Underworld, the Physical World, and the Spirit World.”

We are in luck, as our New Moon 11+ Aries chart has Pluto (“wise Woman reading tea leaves”) quintile Sun, Moon, Mercury, granting the capacity to open portals between worlds. So let’s do that. Also attending this party be planetoid, Chiron, the Centaur-Mentor at the degree of “preventing bombs from going off, defusing tense situations.”

We call upon all the Flora Fauna Mentors to help us do this impossible desirable task. Fortunately, Chiron’s student’s tasks are impossible, and they always succeed after studying with Chiron…Hence in Chiron’s mythos, to be underestimated is considered a positive advantage.


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