Eclipse Council

5 Apr 2024

Diane Wilson and Caroline Casey

convened a

Eclipse Texas Zoom Council


Recorded: Friday, April 5th

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Magic Eclipse for Dangerous Times


Caroline, joined by the indefatigable Diane Wilson

2 Librans Eclipse mojo….

I asked indefatigable effective advocate for all communities, fellow Libran,

Diane Wilson

if there may be anything she would like eclipsed in Texas…

She’s made a list……


What would we would like eclipsed in Texas,

for starters,

then everywhere…

All at risk

Much good possible


Feel free to contribute a list…


“May this (fill in the blank) be eclipsed by this…(fill in the blank).”

Tis a fluctuating quirky pre-eclipse shadowy field in which we be navigating….

So let’s work with it….

We’re in the Dark o Moon field of April 8th’s eclipse,

traditionally a time of laying low, convening back-stage to guide the course of culture….

Sun Moon Chiron all at 19 degrees Aries 24″

Diane Wilson is a fourth-generation shrimper, boat captain, mother of five, author, and activist. During the last 30 years, she has launched legislative campaigns, demonstrations, hunger strikes, sunk boats, and climbed chemical towers in her dedication to protect her beloved Gulf Coast bay. She is a co-founder of Code Pink, Texas Jail Project, and is executive director of the San Antonio Bay Estuarine Waterkeeper organization. Last year Diane Wilson was awarded the Goldman Environmental Prize for her dedicated activism.


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