Pluto Eclipse Radio

Pluto Eclipse Radio….

The dedication is more impossible and more necessary…So we convene back-stage in the participatory imaginal realms to conjure the impossible necessary miracle vision…that we then (a la Haruki Murakami) open the sluice gates, and let the desirable pour into incarnational actuality ….

Composting the addiction to having an enemy, on which tyranny feeds….Animating the vision of actual community (that tyranny has always attacked, replacing with the toxic mimic of cults…)

Caroline re-plays segments of July 17, 2008 show…

Yehuda Atai, Israeli Peace Activist, Biblical scholar, alchemist, modern computer start-up wizard presenting the One State Solution – the Israeli-Palestinian Democracy!

Because this bold imaginative ingenious experiment will require metabolizing justified bitterness into forgiveness,

Caroline welcomes Rod Suskin, traditional Sangoma to offer the medicine of South Africa into our collective brew that we may animate this desirable, and once we hear it, irresistible story.


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