Navigating the Ghost River

Caroline welcomes back fellow astro*mytho*cultural change wizard Daniel Giamario,
that we may discern and align with the guiding sky-earth meta-story… The cycles of Mars and Venus, the myriad proffered forms of composting tyranny into nutrient for Reverent Renaissance, and our willingness to be escapade artist agents of Liberating Citizen Trickster.

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Navigating the Ghost River


  1. Gypsy Scholar says:

    Oh man, with the astro-mythical insights and revelations flying fast-and-furious with the energetic cahooting of the VA and her guest Daniel Giamario, it was all I could do to keep up (eventually had to stop what I was doing while listening and just pay attention to the broadcast)!

    Yet, admittedly, it’s still difficult for me to fully “get” the astrological analogies/metaphors and whatnot since I have little knowledge about how the ancient zodiacal “science” works. I mean, I just have to basically take it on faith what these two astrologer-magi have to say (even if at times with an infinitesimal grain of salt—the alchemical salt of Mercury?) But I nonetheless appreciate the manifold “stories” (and “meta-story”) these sky configurations tell when imaginatively interpreted with the astro-hermeneutics of Caroline and Daniel.

    So astrology or whatever, I’m willing to listen and entertain any symbolic system of (Hermeneutical) “signs” that give me a better and deeper understanding of socio-political current events globally (from academic historians like Timothy Snyder to popular astrologers like DG).

    And it can be quite entertaining when you try to follow the astrological theories of a quicksilver mind like DG and you marvel at how far out a model of the cosmos can be—e.g., galactic center and edge/periphery, circle of stars, star-gate to the composting Underworld/Great Backhole between constellations, incarnating souls, and all (don’t tell astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson!)—and wonder what this ever has to do with the current politics of Trump (aka, “the SCROTUS”)!

    I’m going, at this point in the dialogue, “Wow, what a marvel! I’m getting my political analysis—and maybe my socio-political worldview not from Amy Goodman but instead from this “shamanic astrologer.” It’s like my credulity is being tested. But, then, the next thing I know DG is revealing—in the best and most sterling tradition of post-sixties (Mae B.) “conspiracy theory”—how ISIL is a CIA-created monster! (And he can run it down to you with equal investigative muckraking finesse as was his considerable astro-logical acumen)!

    So, by the end of the program I’m thinking that, yes indeed, I’m getting my political science/theory education from a cultural change wizard of an “astrologer,” but that’s okay—it’s just as it should be—because, at the same time, I’m getting my astro-mythical education from an ace political “conspiracy theorist”! (Coincidentia oppositorum.)

    Therefore, for me, the real payoff for the commitment to hanging in there in cooperative listening when it gets deep and two (seemingly separate) areas of knowledge/languages—i.e., social criticism and astro-visionary art—is they come together! And they did so wonderfully in this sagacious conversation today! I feel I have learned something I couldn’t learn anywhere else on the KPFA lineup of shows. Fantastic—Sun in Gemini, Moon in Virgo, Mercury in Taurus—show! Woof! Woof!

  2. Hooray! Yip-Yip-Awooo!

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