May Co-operation Eclipse domination

May Co-operation Eclipse domination

Caroline welcomes Erica Gies – to guide our rogue species back to collaborative Earth Citizen manners (aka animism)…. by asking “what does water want?” ….

Erica Gies is an award-winning independent journalist who writes about water, climate change, plants and critters for Scientific American, The New York Times, Nature, The Atlantic, The Guardian, National Geographic, The Economist, Washington Post, bioGraphic, Wired, and more. Erica is a National Geographic Explorer, served as a staff editor at various publications, and cofounded and edited two environmental news startups, Climate Confidential and This Week in Earth. She has received the Rachel Carson Award for Excellence in Environmental Journalism, lectures at the University of Victoria Southam, and was a finalist for the Falling Walls Science Breakthrough of the Year Award.

Erica is the author of Water Always Wins: Thriving in an age of drought and deluge. The book begins by asking a revolutionary question: What does water want? Most modern development has erased water’s slow phases — wetlands, floodplains, high altitude grasslands and forests — that soften flood peaks, store water for droughts, and keep natural systems healthy. What water wants, say water detectives exploring this question, is a kind of un-engineering that reclaims these slow cycles, offering us greater resilience.

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“May Co-operation Eclipse domination”

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